View Full Version : Anyone use the 30 Carbine round on Coyotes?

April 18, 2001, 09:12 AM
If so what kind of results? Where you using the M1 Carbine or the ruger revolver or a TC? Were you using FMJ, HP, or SP? Factory or handloads?

I know the 30 carbine round is far from the perfect varmint round. But was wondering about using it when calling Coyotes with a TC or Ruger Revolver.

Art Eatman
April 18, 2001, 11:10 AM
With a soft-nosed bullet they should do just fine. I'd limit my range to some 50 yards out, roughly. General principles for a clean kill. Since there is a lot less Oomph than a hot .22 or a .243, shot placement is very important--as usual.

Usually, calling at night, Ol' Wiley is closer than that...

:), Art

El Rojo
April 18, 2001, 04:07 PM
I used to just leave my M1 Carbine in the trunk of my car and it went all over the PRK with me. One day while travelling from Fresno back down to the lower valley, I was on a deserted road and saw a coyote in this farm field. I flew by at about 70 MPH and went a half mile down the road. I stopped and pulled out the M1 Carbine and loaded her up with some factory PMC or UMC 110 gr. FMJ. I rolled back up and popped senior Yote at about 50-75 yards as he tried to hide in the wide open field. It stopped him, but I had to finish him off with my 9mm out in the field itself. I was pretty excited to get my first kill with the M1 Carbine. I don't advise shooting at coyotes over 100 yards and if you can reload or get ahold of the hollow points or soft points, that would probably be a lot better for shooting game.

I could envision taking my m1 Carbine coyote calling and using it in place of the shotgun role for calling when in more open territory. In dense brush with limited view, the shotgun with t-buck loads is still the way to go. We usually have a guy with a rifle quite a ways behind the call with a shotgunner usually within 10 yards of the call and that has been the killing combination for my father and I for many years. Doubles or triples up close with the shotgun and anything hesitant to come in gets taken at range with the rifle.