View Full Version : Problem with a Ruger P89

April 15, 2001, 02:22 PM
I've had a p89 for over a year. last week I took it out to the range. The first 20 round were right on target, the second 20, only 2 hit the target. I just chalked it up to the loose screw on the handgrip and moved on. After taking it home, cleaning and reassembling it, I notice something strange. With the hammer cocked, if I move the trigger back, not far enough to dropthe hammer, the slide tilts up and to the right and the firing pin cams forward a little. The muzzle end of the slide seems to have moreplay in it than it used to. Anyone have an idea what is causing this?

April 15, 2001, 03:53 PM
A couple of potential causes: How long has it been (rounds fired) since you replaced the recoil spring? If more than 5000, you need a new one. Next: take a look at where your guide rod touches the aluminum frame (the non-muzzle end). Are your edges worn? If not, did you replace the aluminum guide rod with a stainless one? I was just warned that doing so would result in wear on the frame causing just the symptom you mentioned, but it shouldn't happen between two strings of 20. In any event call Ruger, Ruger should fix it for free whatever it is as long as you've stuck to stock parts. Good luck

April 15, 2001, 04:56 PM
It's only been about 1100 rounds, but I think I'm gonna replace it anyway. As for where the guide rod seats in the frame, it's still the stock rod, there appears to be little wear.
But, on the rear set of rails on the frame, there is wear on both.

4V50 Gary
April 15, 2001, 10:51 PM
Strange. How tight is the slide to frame when locked up?

About the only moving part which could touch the slide is the trigger bar. With the gun unloaded and held in the right hand (thumb side up so you can see the left side of the frame), cock the gun and apply slight pressure to the trigger like you described earlier. Look at the trigger bar (beneath the safety and above the grip). See if it's pushing up on the slide. That would cause tilt ever so slightly to the right. You may need to have a new trigger bar fitted.

You may also want to disassemble the gun. Check the trigger for burrs. The trigger has an extension which connects to the trigger bar, and this may be pushing up on the barrel extension (near the link). This could also cause the slide to tilt slightly to the right.

April 16, 2001, 08:26 PM
First off, I made a mistake on my first post. The slide doen't tilt to the right, but to the left.
On inspection, the trigger bar doesn't push up on the slide.
After taking it apart, I notice that the blocker lever behind the sear rises while pullung the trigger with the hammer back. Is it supposed to do this? It seems o be the only part that could contact the slide. Also, the slide seems to be much looser than it was.
Sorry for the confusion.