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March 30, 2001, 04:42 PM
What I have is a 1976 Ruger Super Blackhawk. It originally had a 7 inch barrel, I think, but somewhere along the way a previous owner had the barrel cut and the front sight re-soldered.

The muzzle is obviously not quite square, and the front sight fell off somewhere in antiquity.

What I need:

Barrel cut to 4 5/8 (from it's current 5)
Muzzle recrowned
Front sight re-silver soldered on
Complete reblueing

My local smith has had the gun since the middle of January, and refuses to tackle the job until sometime late June. I found this out today, seeing as I originally agreed to only a 3 week wait, and he's had "family" problems.

This is the only shop in the local area that can do everything that I need done, but it's gonna cost me 6 months and some $250!!!!!!!, which is what I paid for the gun originally. I wasn't even gonna keep it until I shot it some, and fell in love with it. Then I went and bought some custom rosewood grips......you know the story! :)

This pistol will never see anything except 44 Special and Magnum Cowboy loads for the rest of it's life.

Who of you out there can do this work for me sooner and for less money? I mean, I'm willing to wait, but not another 3 months!!!

Please help!


Badger Arms
March 31, 2001, 12:29 AM
Send the Gun back to Ruger explaining what you want done. More than likely, they'll replace the barrel with a 4 5/8" if that is what you request, reblue it, and replace any worn or unserviceable parts. They are VERY reasonable and quicker than 3 months. You'll also rest assured that you got a genuine Ruger job and the gun will look factory-new. This should cost you around $100 including shipping. No BS here, it's the truth.

George Stringer
March 31, 2001, 09:58 AM
Tom, if Ruger will do all that for $100 then that's the way to go. In my shop I'd have to charge you:

Cut & Crown-- $40.00
Replace sight -- $35.00
Reblue-- $145.00
Total-- $220 plus shipping.