View Full Version : the perfect holster?

don't shoot it's me
March 29, 2001, 11:17 AM
Hi all.. I've been scouring the forums and websites for the perfect IWB for my new P7...lots of opinions, mostly regarding outrageously priced, not so thin, 6 month wait custom jobbies. I took a look at the Fist kydex ultra thin K1 at their website, http://www.fist-inc.com , and it looks pretty good. Lots of nifty features such as adjustable cant, in the waist or between belt and pants, drop down adapters for shorter guns like the P7 and all at a reasonable price. Does anyone have experience with this holster? I've never used Kydex and am wondering how it's comfort level in the pants would be. If not, can anyone share kydex in general with me...much appreciated. Dave

PS...if anyone has a connection to renegade ankle holsters at a decent price let me know....thanks