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March 29, 2001, 05:22 AM
I have, on rare occasions, taken my Sig P228 in it's Glaco belt slide, and stuck it into my waistband for quick trips to the store, mailbox, etc... I noticed that it really fits great: contoured to my body, comfortable, slim and concealable.

Now, picture a belt slide: essentially 2 pieces of leather sandwiching the gun, making flanges on each side for the belt slits. Where the slits would be, I want IWB belt loops. The wide spacing of the loops on such a thing would (I think?) wrap the holster around the body, and help keeping rocking to a minimum.

Most of the IWB holsters I've seen, which aren't that many, admittedly, are more or less a single piece of leather wrapped over the top of the gun, and stitched at the trigger guard side. Then the belt loops are placed right over the gun, closely spaced, and adding to the overall thickness of the rig.

I want an IWB belt-slide. Is there such a thing?:confused:

March 29, 2001, 05:33 AM
Wow, That was easy.

Milt Sparks (http://www.miltsparks.com/)


Country Boy
March 29, 2001, 04:40 PM
I like to think of myself as the unofficial Milt Sparks posterchild, as I own only their holsters, and I will continue to order from them as long as I have a need for great gunleather.

You can't go wrong with the crew in Boise.

Bartholomew Roberts
March 29, 2001, 04:43 PM
Country Boy is a person of remarkably refined taste in both leather and firearms. :)

I'd have to second his appreciation of Milt Sparks. This is a high-quality group that will treat you right. The only downside is that you better plan on waiting awhile.