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David Scott
March 28, 2001, 04:42 PM
Is anyone familiar with the Safe & Sound gun vault? It is an AM/FM clock radio with a keypad on top and a gun safe inside. See it here:


It has some neat features. You can disable the keypad completely with the master key. It can be bolted down. It logs whether the last attempt to open was successful or not, so you'll know if someone messed with it. Has battery backup to the AC power and what seems like a good warranty -- 30 days moneyback, one year repair or replace.

If any TFLer owns one I'd like to know what you think of it.

March 28, 2001, 05:36 PM

I also looked at this safe, and like what I saw:

- Hidden in plain sight, and looks good
- 100,000 combinations (more than Simplex, less than Gunvault)
- No hinges to pry open; Gunvaults have 1 continuous hinge

- Haven't heard a whole lot about them
- Fits only 1 gun (or two small ones); Multivault can hold 4-6 full size guns or more if you stack them, Minivault holds 2-3 guns
- They say "heavy gauge" - what gauge is that?
- Top lifts off rather than pivoting open automatically

Overall, I think it sounds like a good deal. They are also available at http://www.gunbroker.com for $135 + shipping. Let us know what you think if you get one.

March 28, 2001, 06:12 PM
I, too, would like to hear from someone that has one.
I've been planning to get both a handgun safe and a new alarm clock. Perhaps someone is looking out for me after all.

from above...
- Fits only 1 gun (or two small ones); Multivault can hold 4-6 full size guns or more if you stack them, Minivault holds 2-3 guns

Well, it says inner dimmensions are 12"x7". Looking at my Beretta, it looks like that would easily hold 2 fullsized Berettas arranged so each muzzle is pointed at the bottom of the other's grip. (????)

- They say "heavy gauge" - what gauge is that?

The site says 11 Gauge. That begs the question (for me anyways), "What is 11 Gauge? Good?"

I'm VERY interested, especially at $150 for both the safe and a new alarm clock!


March 28, 2001, 06:54 PM

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the dimensions are 12 x 7 INCLUDING ELECTRONICS. If you look at pictures of the interior from other sites, you can see that the electronics take up a good portion of the interior.

Also, it says that the LATCH BOLT is 11 gauge (about .12 inches thick). It says nothing about the thickness of the metal box other than "heavy gauge". For reference purposes, Multivaults are 16 gauge (.06") and Handgunsafes.com are 7 guage (.1875) inches or a whopping 3/16" thick.

IMNSHO, 7 gauge is overkill for a safe with a Simplex lock. 16 gauge is OK, and feels sturdy although not "drive over it with a pickup truck" sturdy. You could probably beat the heck out of it and get it open with a sledge hammer.

March 28, 2001, 10:11 PM
While a novel looking product, I think I'm still leaning towards the boxes at http://www.handgunsafe.com/. With one of those I would be able to add a handgun or two to my collection and still have room for other stuff that is best to keep locked up. Bolted to the floor of closet, and behind a closed (locked?) closet door, it would still be better consealed and I think provide decent security.

Guess I'll have to keep looking for an alarm clock, too...


March 28, 2001, 10:25 PM
I also looked into the Handgunsafe.com safes. I like the fact that they are indestructible. I don't like the fact that a Simplex lock has only 1081 possible combinations. You could hack it in a few hours if you were determined. Now, I don't think any kid up to 10 or 11 would be that determined, but when I was 15, I would have easily done it. I spent plenty of time at my grandfather's safe trying to get in, but it was a heavy duty dial type.

March 28, 2001, 11:20 PM
where'd you get your info on the handfunsafe.com safes? According to their website, there are "2200 possible security combinations," due mainly I suspect to the fact that more than one key can be pressed at once. (?)

Also, while I have no idea how it works (anyone want to fill me in?), their website states "Lock can be set to determine if someone had attempted access." This is a good feature to let you know if curious hands have been tinkering, something your Grandfather's dial safe wouldn't do. And you have to admit, much faster opening than a dial combo lock.

Also, in my situation, I currently live alone. But I will be gaining two adult roommates as well as perhaps a second handgun soon, so I'm looking more for "basic" theft protection as well as "stupid people" protection. Kids are not a factor for me. Quick access is also a factor.

I'm VERY open to other suggestions! :)

Stay safe,

March 29, 2001, 12:07 AM
Correct. There are 1,081 single button combinations and 1,081 multiple button combinations for a total of 2,162 (not quite 2,200). Having said that, Simplex lock multiple button codes are finicky (you have to press them exactly at the same time). Most people recommend against using multiple codes with a Simplex because when you're nervous, you don't want to mess with a finicky combination.

Now, how do you get in if you forget the combination? From the handgunsafe.com site:

"(3) You can also try random entry of possible combinations, not as hard as it sounds if you remember parts of your combination, call us."

Yep! It isn't that hard. At 5-10 seconds a random try, you could open the safe, on average, within 2 hours - and frequently in less time. I don't know how you use the lockout or tamper features - I've never heard of these on a Simplex lock. I would advise against a lockout - 'cause if you forget the combination you're gonna have to torch the sucker. The tamper feature won't be useful after someone's hacked the Simplex lock.

March 29, 2001, 12:25 AM
Normally, I don't spend all night on TFL (honest! :D), but tonight I've been using the search feature trying to find all the info I can on these safes, and I keep seeing more help posted on this thread!

What are your opinions on the Gunvaults? They seem to be very popular on this board.
I like the idea of an audible motion sensor alarm and the greater number of combinations. Do they come ready to bolt down?

Downsides: thinner shelled (enough to matter?), has a key backup (something to loose, security compromise), and, I'm curious how easily the motion alarm is set off (could a kid jumping on the bed set off a vault mounted to the floor in the room?). Also, they aren't covered with wood and don't have alarm clocks in them! :)


March 29, 2001, 01:32 AM
The sensor has a setting of 1-4 and the factory setting is 2. I have mine on 2 and the kids jumping around do not set it off, but you cannot pick it up or move it. It gives you a series of warning beeps before it goes off, and it is very loud for something so small.

March 29, 2001, 09:49 AM
I have the basic version of the Multivault (no motion detector), but I have it bolted down. It does have a tamper detector and half a million combinations, so random key entry is very unlikely. I think it is "thick enough", although the handgunsafe's thickness is impressive. It comes with three large wood screws for bolting it down, and pre-drilled holes. I have my backup keys locked in a small combination box in my document safe (double lockup on those suckers). I have also thought about keeping the spare keys at work in a locked file cabinet.

I haven't found anything as convenient as the Multivault with as many features (including the number of combinations). A cheaper option is to go with the no-frills three number dial-up box found at dealers (1,000 combinations), or the version with a Simplex lock. Both can be had for $75-100.

W. F. McElhany
March 29, 2001, 10:34 AM
I found one of the SafeandSound products at a local gun store with a small scratch on it,got it at half price. My wife uses it for her "rape prevention tool" on the night stand. This is mainly to insure "little hands" can't get to it. We like it well enough--it is small,and a thief can carry it off to open later, but it does fit our needs nicely.

March 29, 2001, 11:00 AM
W.F. McElhany,

AH, someone who has some real information. How thick is the metal on this box? What are the useful internal dimensions (how many guns can it hold)? Does it come with the bolt-down hardware? Ever have any problems with it? Tell us more.

David Scott
March 30, 2001, 09:32 AM
W.F., the Safe & Sound has holes that can be used to bolt it down. I just ordered my S&S and when it gets in it will be bolted into the bookcase headboard of our bed. I will post a review of the safe once I've had a chance to tinker with it a bit.

Double Naught Spy
March 30, 2001, 10:14 AM
While they may hold a gun, they are one of the ugliest clock radios I have ever seen.

March 30, 2001, 11:13 AM
i looked at the Safe & Sound too and concluded that it was an OK securitybox with a really cheap Clock radio in it.

I would think it would be quite well known in the burglar steal me list.

March 30, 2001, 01:09 PM
or anyone with a MultiVault,

I have a question about the multivault:
Looking at the dimensions listed on their webpage, it looks like up to four handguns could fit inside, with perhaps 2 on each level. Would you say this is true, especially if the handguns were arranged so one handgun pointed at the other's grip?

These are the dimensions I've been looking at:
"Inner dims: 13.1"Lx8.8"Wx7.2"H tapering to 6.2" at end."

I NEED a safe that holds one firearm, I am getting one that holds two, but would preffer to be able to get a third inside (for future "adoptions").


March 30, 2001, 02:05 PM

The key issue is storage vs. accessibility. To answer your question, you can easily get four 5x6 guns in the multivault (2 on each level, 1 extra mag for each, laying side by side lenghtwise). You will only be able to access the front two without having to move the others. If you take the shelf out and stack them (in holsters), you can get probably six guns in there (although you won't be able to access them as easily and you may scratch them against each other. You can probably place them vertically too (I haven't tried that yet).

Bottom line, it is the most convenient "mini-safe" I have found that will easily fit 4 guns.

March 30, 2001, 02:27 PM
Do you work for GunVault? If so, you've made a sale! ;)

Yes, accessibility is the main issue, especially since currently I only have one handgun to secure, but soon I plan to have a second. I just wanted to make sure that I would not immediately be maxed-out on storage. It's nice to know I would be able to fit 2 to 3 on the bottom and one firearm plus flashlight on top.

I just got my State tax returns today, and they'll almost cover a MultiVault Deluxe (which the cheapest I've found is $215 + $7 S.H at http://swiftsafes.com/pistlbox.htm).

Stay Safe,

March 30, 2001, 02:36 PM
Nope. I don't work for Gunvault (maybe they'll give me a discount on my next one...what do you think)? Like many on the board, I have more time than money, so I spend a lot of time researching products I am going to buy. I think the Deluxe is very nice too. I also have bought my share of crap...so I have more experience buying poorly built stuff than you smarter fellows out there. Good luck. Let us know how you like it.