View Full Version : Aimpoint M2 or ML2 ?

Zak Smith
March 27, 2001, 11:58 PM
I am considering buying an Aimpoint CompM2 or CompML2 as soon as they are available. The M2 and ML2 are the new versions of the M/XD and ML/XD, respectively. Which is the better choice, given that I most probably won't ever use a NVD?

The ML/ML2 has one "off" setting, 10 daytime (1 extra-bright).
The M/M2 has 4 NVD settings, 6 daylight settings (1 extra-bright). The M has an "off" position. The new M2 has no "off" position.

How bright are the NVD settings? Are they useful at all without a NVD? Is 6 enough daylight settings? 10 too many? Are there any other differences to consider?

Does anyone have any experience with the 2x magnification aimpoint models?