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March 26, 2001, 12:42 PM
I just wanted to share my enjoyment of yesterday's target session with our TFL brethren. I took three handguns to my local range for three-hour NCAA basketball break on Sunday. Nothing spectacular or even newsworthy, but a very nice time and a personal demonstration that traditionally designed firearms still provide outstanding quality, accuracy and reliability. Brief facts follow:

Glock 23C: With Summer impending, I again thought I'd try my G23C as a potential CCW handgun. After all, it's relatively small, very reliable, fires the .40 S&W, is essentially impervious to rust and wear, and has a 10+1 capacity. Unfortunately, I continue to find the G23C's accuracy at 10 and 20 yards to be decidedly worse than my other handguns. I do not doubt that this results from my inability to acclimate successfully to the Glock's trigger pull; however, I only put about 70 percent of my rounds on a nine inch diameter paper plate at 60 feet with my G23C, whereas I normally get approximately 90 percent with a wide variety of other handguns. On a more favorable note, I can report the Glock's flawless reliability persists, with zero failures in 200 rounds (American Eagle, 180 grain, TFMJ).

1911A1: I also fired 200 rounds of S&B 230 grain FMJ with my Springfield "loaded". Accuracy exceeded expectations: tight (2 to 3 inch) groups at 30 feet and ~90 percent on 9 inch paper plates at 60 feet. Reliability was perfect using 10 round McCormick and Wilson magazines. Springfield's full-size "loaded" stainless model is a great "every day" 1911A1 and a best value, IMHO.

GP-100: Finally I fired 200 rounds of American Eagle 130 grain FMJ .38 Special from my new (second) Ruger GP-100 (KGP-141 -- four-inch barrel, all stainless, adjustable rear sight model). This was the first time this handgun had been fired. Reliability was flawless, which is not surprising but is encouraging. Out-of-the-box accuracy (no adjustments made to the factory sight settings) was outstanding: very tight groups (<2 inch) at 10 yards and >90 percent hits on the nine inch diameter paper plates at 20 yards. Ruger's GP-100 remains a personal favorite for its accuracy, quality, reliability, durability and versatility; it is also a great value at <$400.

A few conclusions follow: (a) modern autoloader designs (Glocks, H&Ks, Sigs, Rugers, etc.) are excellent, but a high-quality 1911A1 endures as the "standard of comparison" firearm to be reckoned with; (b) similarly, high-quality DA/SA revolvers (Smiths, Colts, Rugers) are hard to surpass for accuracy, reliability, durability, versatility and value; and (c) 600 rounds down-range is a tonic, renewing my outlook on life and lifting my spirits.

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