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George Hill
March 25, 2001, 03:12 AM
Today I used my new paintball marker to good effect. I had purchased a new PMI Piranha STS G2 Limited Edition. Sexy gun. Looks good. But it didn't perform very well.
Meaning it was either breaking paint in the gun or it was inacurate or both. So I traded it back in for a 50 dollar loss to the purchase of a new 2001 Autococker. Before I even fired a shot I had a low pressure system installed and a venturi bolt to make it even more reliable.
It worked.
Today I played some hard games with the boys up in Provo Canyon. Only broke one ball which was totally my fault and not gun... I short stroked the trigger. A Cocker needs a little different trigger manipulation... You get the nack of it quickly though.
When my new barrel gets in it will be fully sweet. The stock barrel aint bad - but I shoot Marblizer paint which is very small bore and the paint can actually roll out the barrel. A bigger paint like Pro Ball would have done much better.

I'll skip the play by play narration and just sum up that I did some pretty good butt kicking because I had a marker that could back up my moves. I sit here typing this with a swollen knee - a huge deep scrape that goes from my hip to my knee... and a huge grin for coming out on top of today's gunfight.

For anyone in Utah that is interested in Paintball... we are playing most every saturday in Provo Canyon at the Archery Range off the Squaw Peak turn off.

March 26, 2001, 03:23 PM
How much would it cost to equip a novice? I'm interested in starting to play but have to look at cost (I'm putting in my lawn this spring).

Jamie Young
March 26, 2001, 09:40 PM
All I want to know is how many Kills did you have?

George Hill
March 27, 2001, 11:45 AM
I have 5 sons.

Cost? Not too bad... 169.99 for a good kit that includes a Piranha or Spyder Compact 2000 (Take the Piranha), CO2 tank, Hopper, Elbow, and Mask (A JT Cross Fire). Thats all you need. And if your in Utah - and you buy this kit from the store have in mind ( http://www.peglegpaintball.com ) they will give you a Gold Card which lets you onto the commercial fields for free. That alone can save you TONS of money - like 1,400 over the course of the year.

Be warned however - if you are thinking of trying paintball - if you are curiouse - then you best be prepared to get into it seriously. Its more addictive than Crack.
Who said this quote - Steinbeck? "Once a man has hunted another man and got the taste of it - nothing else will satisfy him." (or something like that)
It's very true. I've been playing every weekend lately and here I am Tuesday morning and I want to go play again so bad my teeth hurt.

Ive spend over 800 bucks on paintball in just the last 5 weeks. I have more to get too... my custom barrel and an HPA tank (about three times the price of a CO2 bottle). PB is very equipment entinsive dispite the "It's not the gun, its the shooter"... you can very easily be out gunned by simple little factors... But thats okay.