View Full Version : Convert HK93 into HK53

March 23, 2001, 11:39 AM
I am a Department rangemaster in need of some info. I have an HK93 that needs to be deployed as an entry weapon. I am looking for a company that can convert the HK93 into an HK53. Unfortunately I found out that FJ Vollmer no longer conducts this service at their location. Any suggestions?

March 24, 2001, 07:53 AM
Go to http://www.subguns.com and then click on the machine gun discussion board and ask your question there. Two top notch HK gurus are Stan Andrewski and Terry Dwyer. I don't have their contact information handy but the guys there will help out. If not post back and I will dig up the info for you. The only problem with these guys is that they are backed up on work from usually six months to a year.

March 25, 2001, 08:53 AM
If you are a LE entity, the agency is eligible to purchase a brand new HK 53 from HK, or one of their many LE dealers around the US.

While it is true that you could have a Class II manfuacturer convert a 93 into a 53, I can't imagine that you would find that cost effective, or that the legal folks from your agency would find that the potential liability from an after market conversion would be less than that offered by the original manufacturer. Of course if you were talking about a 91 and a 51, it would be understandable as the 51 isn't a "real" factory gun.

You can easily get a 53 from HK, I'd suggest you go this route. I'd be surprised if Stan or Terry would accept this project anyway...