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Byron Quick
March 23, 2001, 10:38 AM
I'm very interested in learning about gunsmithing but due to time constraints, I fear I must be self taught if I am to do so. Can you give some direction? I have no desire to be a commercial gunsmith but I do want to be a VERY competent one.

George Stringer
March 24, 2001, 09:41 AM
Spartacus, if you are someone who can learn from videos then the AGI series would be the route to go. Old farts like me that grew up with books need the written word. If you fall into that category then books like Gunsmithing by Roy Dunlap, Pistolsmithing by George C. Nonte, the Gunsmith Kinks series from Brownells, Riflesmithing by Jack Mitchell, Shotgun Gunsmithing by Ralph Walker and Jerry Kuhnhausen's shop manuals will get you started. I would imagine that there are still a few correspondence schools offering gunsmithing courses. That's how I started. You will get the basics from such a course and it will help you understand what's being written in the other books I mentioned. Most of those are written for folks who already know how a gun works and use them as a reference for a particular job. The most used tools in my shop are in my reference library. I still have my correspondence course and refer to it from time to time. If you'd like e-mail me and we can discuss getting you a copy of it. George