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Guy L Johnson
March 22, 2001, 09:05 PM
Dumb Question Time

Do know how to disassemble a Winchester Model 12 shotgun? I can remove
the mag tube and barrel and trigger group but don't know how to remove
the bolt it is in extreme need of cleaning and i just can't figure this
one out. any thing you can tell me that will help would be appreciated.
Thank You
Guy L Johnson

I know this question is real dumb because I can see the chanel milled in the side of the reciver for it to
slide out but it won't and so i must be doing something wrong. shotguns are such a pain in the --- but
i just can't let it set there and rust.

James K
March 22, 2001, 10:00 PM
Removal of that bolt is a bit tricky. It does not come out to the front like it may appear. Assuming you have the barrel and action slide off, it is best to put the action in a padded vise, bottom up.

Run the bolt (breechblock) all the way forward, and pry gently on the ejector until it comes out of the side wall and you can ease it to the rear and up out of the action. Now, push in on the back of the bolt retainer, and slide the bolt back almost all the way to the rear of the receiver. Lift up on the back end of the bolt, and ease it up and out, making sure to guide the extractors through the cut outs in the receiver made for that purpose.

I don't recommend disassembling the trigger group, but if you really need to do so, be warned that the carrier pivot screw has a LEFT hand thread.

FWIW, I preferred to clean Model 12s by taking off the stock and then dunking the rest in the sonic tank. Still, once in a while, a really bad one would defy even the sonic bath and it was full disassembly time.


Harley Nolden
March 23, 2001, 05:59 AM
Instructions w/photos are on the way by separate email.

Compliments: Firearms Research TFL


Desert Dog
March 25, 2001, 09:56 AM
Harley, could you send that info to me as well? If you don't want to look my email up it is:

[email protected]

Thanks in advance,

Guy L Johnson
March 25, 2001, 03:13 PM
The pictures and instruction allowed me to take it apart clean it and get it back together without breaking anything next weekend i am going to take it for a test drive. You guys have been of imesurable help in my quest not to make a mess of it.
Guy L Johnson

Harley Nolden
March 25, 2001, 04:47 PM
Desert Dog:

Your request is on the way:
By separate email.