View Full Version : Remington 870 SGT sights installation?

March 20, 2001, 03:55 PM
Well, I'm about to plunk down the $ for a set of ghost ring sights for my 870, pretty much settled on the ScatterGun Technologies Trak-Locks. I know that Brownells sells the jig for the rear sight, anyone have any experience with it? Is the "average kitchen smith" capable of completing this project without totally screwing it up, or should I just have a real gunsmith do it? I don't have a drill press at home, but I can access one if I need to. How hard is an 870 receiver - do I need to use Do-drill or permatex on the bit? Any other helpful hints?
I see in the Brownells catalog that the front sight "epoxies on over the front bead". Well, the front bead left when I chopped the barrel. What's a good way to find Top Dead Center? Epoxy. What kind of epoxy? Acraweld, Acraglas? Something else? Is there anything I've forgotten here?

George Stringer
March 21, 2001, 08:43 AM
Echo, I've installed these sights on several shotguns. I don't use the jig you speak of though. The receiver is easily drilled. Using do-drill will help with the drilling and is necessary for tapping. I think you might be better off taking the gun to your local smith and have him drill & tap the front for the special screw you need to order from SGT. The screw is shaped so as to fit snugly inside the front sight and aligns it correctly. Black Max locktite is probably the best method for attaching the front but Acra Glass Gel will work also. If you are just wanting to do it yourself then the top dead center punch from Brownells would be the way to go. George

Mike Baugh
March 21, 2001, 09:26 PM
I recently bought one of the jigs from Brownells and the sights went on very easily . I like the jig because the bushings keep the drill and tap perfectly in line so you can use a hand held drill . My front base was still on so I just had to cut off the bead so the new sight would set over the base , they send you a packet of epoxy with the sights . My sights came out perfectly centered when zeroed at 100 yards with slugs . Good luck , Mike...