View Full Version : Remington 1100 safety

Lee M.
March 20, 2001, 12:33 PM
I need to switch out the manual safety on a Remington 1100. The person who bought the gun was left handed and had the safety set up for a left hander. Can anyone give me instructions on how to make it a right handed safety again? Thanks.

Nevada Fitch
March 20, 2001, 09:34 PM
I have changed several out because I am lefthanded.The factory replacement is not reversable but I am pretty sure the after market safeties are reversable.I use to get the giant head safeties for about 15 dollars. I will try to explain from memory.It has been a while since I done this.Pull the slide back untill it locks open.Than drive the 2 round pins out of the reciever.This should allow you to pull the trigger assembly out.This is where it gets a little fussey now.But I think I remember there is a small pin you have to drive out to remove the safety.Be careful and don't loose any parts.There is a small plunger involved.If you have the kind if safety I think you have you should be able to reverse it and put it back together.If you don't want to try this a gunsmith should be able to do it for you for a small fee.