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March 19, 2001, 10:33 AM
who hunts hog in texas?
what region and size of hog/boar/javelina?
what cartridges?

I am planning to hunt in an area where there could be small to big porkers. I am going to pick up a 45-70 Marlin and try out...any of you done likewise?

March 19, 2001, 11:35 AM
I've killed them with a .308, a 5.56 mm, a .357 mag, and even a .22 lr (young shoats).

Feral hogs can run as large as 400+ lbs, but typical size where I hunt in Central and South Texas is about 120 - 200 lbs. As they are not a native game animal, there is no season and no limit.

Javalina are much smaller (40 lbs or so), and are governed as a game animal.

March 19, 2001, 02:49 PM
I hunt hogs in Sutton/Edwards counties (Edwards Plateau). I've used a .243 and .25-06. As Bud1 mentioned, a shootable hog runs about 100 lbs, and I've seen them go around 200. I've been told by guides at the ranch that they have larger hogs out there but the .25-06 with 120 gr. loads is plenty of rifle.

I've hunted javelina in other parts of west Texas, Hudspeth and Pecos counties. It's a waste of time if you're a meat hunter- the critters stink when you clean them and a 40 lb animal might yield 10 lbs of very tough meat. Tastes good but too much work to prepare. Some folks kill the shoats (piglets) and say they're delicious but I never have.