View Full Version : IDPA rig for a revolver

March 17, 2001, 10:45 PM
Did you ever go to a gun show looking for one thing but finding another? I wanted a Benelli shotgun. I found one but the price just wasn't happenin' so I cruise around. I was glancing past a table full of (dare I say it?) Smith & Wessons when I spot this interesting little beauty right in the middle of a bunch of them long barreled N frames. It's a 610 with a 4" barrel!

Now I already shoot in three out of four divisions in IDPA, and I had wanted a 625 'til the head honchos decided to outlaw 5" revolvers, but the 610 is perfect! I already shoot 40 cal in ESP and those loads ought to purr out of the 610. I know S&W is on the black list but I couldn't help it...I BOUGHT IT...there, I've said it.

Now I need to get rigged for IDPA - speak to me all ye who wheelgun, what shall I get to wrap it in - I'm going for the "four gun"!