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March 16, 2001, 05:54 PM
i have a sti trojan single stack 9mm that was converted to .38super.

when i fire the weapon, sometimes the brass just falls right out of the gun and sometimes it goes where it is supposed to about six feet away.

i am using wilson .38super 10rd magazines
the ammunition i run is 135 power factor

another thing. i am using new winchester .38super +p brass and at 135pf the cases are bulging at the base. i think the gunsmith who did the conversion might have throated the barrel too much. could this be a factor?

the barrel is ramped and fully supported. i was thinking before that with the full magazine putting a lot of pressure on the underside of the slide, that might slow down the cycling slide. but the ejection is hit and miss at all times.

now when i run major pf loads the ejection has no problem at all and it land in a nice little pile about 6 feet away.
the brass is no more bulged than it normally is with the low 135pf load.

on the breech face there is a little more wear on the upper left of the breech face just above the extractor.

i am currently running an ismi 12 1/2lb spring. i use a 19lb hammer spring.

any help is appreciated, thanks.

George Stringer
March 17, 2001, 07:54 AM
Fedaykin, first if you have a fully ramped barrel the smith shouldn't have done any throating work at all. If I understand it correctly your lighter, 135pf, loads are giving you the ejection problem. For those I'd go with a 10lb spring and use the 12.5 with your majors. The case bulging sounds like a headspace problem. In self loading pistols, if excessive headspace exists, when the round is fired the brass moves backward at the same speed as the bullet moves down the barrel. It backs out of the chamber and and is suddenly unsupported when it hits the breech face. Case bulging and flattened primers are the usual result. I'd have that checked/corrected first then address the ejection problem. George