View Full Version : NFA Price question

March 15, 2001, 11:47 AM
Just wondering...

With the way the economy is tumbling down, (layoffs, stocks dropping) do you foresee a pause in the NFA prices or possibly even a dip?

The only reason I made my first purchase about a year or so ago was because my portfolio was doing really well, than I made another purchase about 6 months ago when there was still life in the market.

But within the last year, my portfolio dropped about 80K and my third purchase consideration is on hold and may have to be axed until I can recoup some money.

Do you think it's possible that prices my actually become stable for a while or maybe dip just a bit?

Robert the41MagFan
March 15, 2001, 02:30 PM
With the exception of current production items (suppressers, short barrel shotguns), the price of NFA firearms have gone through the roof. If you see a so called bargain due to any stock market trends, buy it. Because these firearms are in no way affected by individual portfolios. It's strictly supply and demand. And there is plenty of demand for what little supply of burners there are in the market.

Standard everyday post and pre ban semi's are rock bottom right now (now is the time to buy!!!). Anyone who purchased a dark rifle in the past two years got hosed.


March 19, 2001, 09:48 AM
I saw a F/A Norinco Ak47 (chambered 223) fixed stock for 5700 @ a recent Gun Show. It was in "Good" condition. It was also the cheapest I have ever seen a FA AK for. I am sure that the dealer would have let it go for 5000k or so.

Byron Quick
March 23, 2001, 09:19 AM
Robert, said it-it's strictly supply and demand. The only way the supply side is going to move is if Dubya tells the ATF to read the Volkmer-McClure Act and abide by what it says instead of what ATF says it says. I'm not holding my breath. Now on the demand side the stock market could have an effect on full auto prices...but we wouldn't like it. If the market crashed as big as '29 and a couple of years later we were mostly standing in soup kitchen lines there would probably be all kinds of great deals in full autos. I don't think people with big stock portfolios would be buying many, though. Hmmm, maybe I should save up some money...