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4V50 Gary
March 11, 2001, 12:43 PM
Yesterday, March 10, I went to Livermore for their Rendezvous. Since this is strictly an open sights, patched round ball affair, I brought out a percussion rifle which I hadn't fired in a year (I've been playing with Civil War guns which shoot the minie ball). Turned in a OK score, considering how I missed some real easy targets and even knocked one target out so that other shooters couldn't shoot it anymore (it was a coiled snake on the spring, which, when struck is suppose to rock back and forth. The spring had crystallized and when my .433 caliber ball (40 grains FFF powder) hit it at 25 yards, the spring broke and the snake fell over. This made the other shooters happy as they were automatically given 2 points for a target they didn't have to shoot.

Missed with both the hawk & knife (hey, no where to practice in the big city), but that was to be expected. We went out with pistols next and not having fired them for about a year, was dismally bad. Had a lot of fun though and will probably have a rifleman's frock to wear for next year.

March 12, 2001, 08:58 PM
A rendevous sounds neat. Back years ago when I shot black powder, a place near here, The Log Cabin shop used to sponsor a rendevous. I always wanted to try to get down to one, but never had the chance. I may look into it again now that I'm older and can have the bucks for the right trappings.

4V50 Gary
March 13, 2001, 11:52 AM

Are you near Lodi, Ohio? A couple of years ago I went to the Log Cabin shop and took their gunbuilding class. They have a wonderful collection of powder horns, cans, and of course, percussion rifles including one with a tube sight.

BTW, the folks there and I never got "Medina" right. I pronounce it "May-dee-na" and they say "Mah-die-na."

Shooting at a Rendezvous trailwalk is slower than regular paper punching, but the variety of targets is great. Gongs are placed into the vital spots of the targets (heart region of a rearing Bear or walking elk), poker chips at 5 yards and metal gongs at 200, logging chain, playing cards, splitting a ball against an axe blade so as to break the two pigeons on either side of the axe blade), breaking cross strings or feathers, lollipop tree (call your flavor). It's much more fun than regular shooting!


March 13, 2001, 01:34 PM
Yep. I'm about 45 min from Lodi. Back in the early 70's I bought 3 BP guns from The Log Cabin. One .58cal H&R Hunter, which was an H&R single shot with a plugged breech, an 1861 Navy and a Colt Pocket Police in .36 cal. The prices at the time were very reasonable IIRC. All of them were fun to shoot. I really wanted a TC or a Hawken, but $$$ weren't there for it :(. A few weeks ago I took a drive over to Lodi to have a look see at what they had. They've cleared out quite a bit from what they had before. I'm really giving some serious thought to getting back into the BP end. I'll have to see how my time goes in the next year.

Yep, locals call it ma-DIE-na. LOL at least they get the low-die right for Lodi.

March 13, 2001, 02:11 PM
Where exactly is the Log Cabin Shop in Lodi? I have some friends that go out there on occasion, but I've never been able to make it out there. Since I drive through Lodi on the way from OSU to home, I might as well stop by and check it out. I've been meaning to pick up a tomahawk, this sounds like a place that would carry them.

March 13, 2001, 03:26 PM

Check the About link for a map.

They're just East of the center square heading towards Akron/Medina on Lafayette Rd. (Rt 42)