View Full Version : One-armed skeet shooting

Bam Bam
March 10, 2001, 11:10 PM
This is no bull. At the local sportsman's club an old gent had an operation on his off shoulder. He could either quit shooting or learn to shoot one-armed. Using a 28ga O/U he had a bad day and broke only 23 at skeet, with doubles. I scored 8 (third time ever to shoot skeet). If he had his eyes closed he could probably still get more than half.

March 10, 2001, 11:38 PM
Got a bud that I've watched shoot skeet one-armed with an SKB(?) .410 & it really impressed & pi$$ed me off. Even turned the darned thing upside down & could still hit 'em.

but, The Wife shoots (even his own) pistols better than he does so that even it up a bit. ;)

Badger Arms
March 11, 2001, 02:40 AM
My first experience with an amputee was at the Oak Tree shooting range in the hills north of San Fernando. I was a child and just learning how to shoot myself and this man was a friend of my Father's. I was fascinated at how he went through the drill just like anybody else. Had a Break Action but the details of how he went about shooting is lost in the haze of my childhood.