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Rich Lucibella
March 9, 2001, 01:40 AM
It's tough to stay warm in cold weather. Just as tough to stay cool in hot weather. Combine the two, with 40 degree mornings giving way to 70 degree afternoons, and you've got a real dilemma. Whether you're a hunter, hiker or biker, too many areas of the USA offer wide temperature ranges during Spring and Fall.

We've all been there:
5:00 AM: "Can I get away without the long underwear for 5 or 6 hours? It's awful cold out there,"
11:30 AM: "Damn, it's warm in this stuff". Boots off; field strip; find a place for the thermals.
5:00 PM: "Here we go again!"

The search for comfortable and versatile gear continues. Recently, good friend and gun guru, Ashley Emerson, presented me with the simplest, most versatile piece of clothing gear I've seen since Harley Davidson silk thermals. It's called Recon Wrap and here's how it works:

Recon Wrap is a simple wide tube of seamless material (silk/cotton blend is my best guess). If it's cold you just pull it over your neck like the top of a turtleneck. This provides a noticeable difference; about the same heat retention as a hat.
- Colder? Draw the front up over the mouth and nose.
- Colder still? Draw the back up over the top of the head....the neck remains covered.
- Suddenly warmer? Pull it off in mid hike and stuff it in your pack, back pocket or, Ashley style, place it around your hat band.

This item is so simple and so versatile, it's not to be believed. It can easily be converted to a helmet liner, a sweat band, a skull cap, a Sahara style hat/neck protector or other use. I recently tried it on a Texas hog hunt and will never be in the field without one again....I intend to order at least one more for my Emergency Pack. At $19.95, it ain't cheap for what you get; it's well worth it for what you benefit, though.

Recon Wrap is available from http://www.specopsbrand.com/images/reconwrap.html
(I have no connection with the company and received no consideration for this review. It's just great gear.)

March 9, 2001, 01:20 PM
Rich is 100% correct on these types of wraps. I have a polypropylene one I use for hunting and it's served me well. The beauty is the simplicity in its usage!

March 9, 2001, 02:04 PM
rich,ever tried the wiggys fishnet underware.

they keep me warm and toasty even when wet.on hotter spring days for turkys where temps will start out in the 30 degrees and get into the mid 60 by days you can still where them and not feel too hot.

i tried the silks and they keep you warm but i sweat alot and they did not seem to wick away perspiration as well..