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March 8, 2001, 10:31 PM
I just took apart a newly aquired 70 series Colt Gold Cup from my father-in-law to clean out 20 years of gunk, grime, and powder residue. To my surprise, one "arm" of the trigger was broken off very close to the trigger. (Broke at the first bend, about 1/16" from the trigger itself) My local gunsmith happened to have a factory replacement for a good price, but the replacement is somewhat thinner at 0.345, whereas the original is slightly oversized at 0.350, and fits better. Is there any chance of welding, soldering, epoxying the old trigger arm (spring metal) back together? Or do I just use the new trigger and smile:)? I have a digital picture, but can't figure out how to post it here. Oh well.

2nd question, which is probably more important: The frame of this GC has a 1/4" long crack where the dust cover meets the frame on the left hand side just in front of the pin of the lever that holds the slide open. It looks JUST like the crack pictured on page 41 of GUNSMITHING, by Sweeney. Sweeney describes this crack as "insignificant", but my gunsmith disagrees. What are your experiences? Is Sweeney correct? I've replaced the very tired old recoil spring and have matched my loads to the spring. I'm hoping that I can just watch it and see that it never grows.

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James K
March 8, 2001, 11:23 PM
You can try other triggers, but if there is no interference with the magazine, I would not worry about it.

As to the frame crack, it is not "insignificant" but you can keep firing until it gives way. I guess some welding artistes could patch it up temporarily, but that is not too realistic, and might only make it worse.

That type of crack often results from using too strong a recoil spring. People try to soften the impact of the slide on the frame in the rearward part of the cycle, forgetting that the stronger spring will cause more impact on the slide stop pin and frame on the forward motion. (It is the slide stop pin that stops the barrel and slide when going forward, and it and the frame take quite a beating.) No such thing as a free lunch!


March 9, 2001, 08:54 AM
George Smith at EGW in Doylestown, PA is the "MAN" to go to for precision welding. He has done some amazing things & can be trusted to give you the straight skinny on your crack. He is used by many of the big name custom shops to fix problems. Give him a call for a consult. You won't be sorry.


As for the trigger, Kings & Videcky both make an aluminum replacement for the GC that is much lighter & is oversize for fitting. It is far superior to the factory piece. The Videcky is .345" according to their specs. Any trigger can be swaged/staked to make it a little wider. Done properly, it will not be visible when the gun is assembled.

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March 9, 2001, 02:37 PM
Mr Keenan,

So what about buffers? Do they increase problems with cracks as well?