View Full Version : Peep sight on a 9422

March 8, 2001, 02:57 PM
I want to put a peep sight on a Win 9422 that is ungodly accurate and I want more.
Anybody know which front sight height to order from Brownell's?
If u can figure better than me, here are the measurements.
Height of receiver over barrel = .046"
Barrel dia at rear .716" at muzzle .5925
soooo...figgerin diff of 1/2 of each of those, the diff is .062" for barrel taper.
Is that right?
Now the ramp from bottom of ramp to bottom of dovetail is .204"
Brownells says that the Williams grooved receiver sight FP-GR is appx 3/8" from top of receiver.
The front I want to use is the Lyman globe target type 17A.
The choices are .404", .465", .494", .584" and .854.
Those heights are from dovetail bottom to center of globe.
I seem to have lost myself in subtracting the ramp height from the barrel taper and now can't figure where to measure from.

Nevada Fitch
March 8, 2001, 10:44 PM
Do what I did. Order your peep sight direct from williams and get a replacement blade from them at the same time.They tell you which one you need. I just got through putting the same setup on my 94/22 mag. It works great.You have do a little filing on the peep sight to get it to fit your rifle, go slow.The phone number for Willlams is 1-800-530-9028. I like the ghost ring replacement part they sell also.I believe you need the 450M front sight blade which will fit in your factory ramp.You better check for sure with Williams.