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March 6, 2001, 02:52 PM
Long ago and far away, a young man just out of college bought a bright shiny Ruger Security Six. He loved the gun, but hated the tiny little wooden stocks that it wore. So, he purchased a nylon Hogue Monogrip, and all was right with the world, until the plastic stirrup clamp holding the grip on broke.

About this time, the young man foolishly decided that he wanted a new semi-automatic pistol, and thinking that he only needed one handgun (foolish boy!), he replaced the hated wooden stocks, and traded the Security Six in on a Ruger P-89. The Hogue Monogrip languished, lonely and forgotten, in the young man's Miscellaneous Spare Parts box.

Fast forward to 2001:

The no-longer-young man, trying to correct a mistake of his youth, acquires a well-preserved, bright shiny Ruger Security Six, wearing Pachmyer (sp) grips that he likes no better than the original tiny wooden grips (just the wrong shape for his hand, somehow...). Rummaging through the Miscellaneous Spare Parts box, he found the long-lost Hogue Monogrip...

Long story short, I called Hogue, explained my problem, and within 5 days I received a small package in the mail containing a new stirrup clamp and an invoice stating "No Charge".

I put that puppy on the Security Six, slid the Monogrip on, tightened up the new set screw, and was instantly transported back to a time when everyone thought the BeeGees were cool!

Thanks, Hogue! Good customer service on a 20-year-old purchase!

March 9, 2001, 12:42 PM
I too like Hogue Monogrips on my Security Sixes. I have the nylon versions instead of the rubber ones. I also bought a Kingwood with finger grooves w/o checkering. The wood ones are too smooth for getting a good grip on them. I called Hogue and they said that they would checker them for $10 or $15 (I don't recall).

About 3 months ago I called Hogue to order a set of cocobolo grips for my S&W model 39. They said that they were backordered and a production run would be made in a month or 2. I did not order them a the time. A charge appeared on my charge card for the model 39 grips. I called Hogue and found out that they sent a pair of grips to an address in another state that I used to live at 2 years ago. I reminded them that I didn't order a set and they credited my account and I don't think they ever got them back. Still a good company...............Mike