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March 4, 2001, 09:51 PM
I live in a northwest suburb of chicago and I am interested in squirrel hunting. I have looked at the Dept. of Natural Resources home page but it hasn't been updated in a while. any information on seasons and good places to go would be appreciated. Thanks

March 5, 2001, 12:52 PM

March 5, 2001, 03:42 PM
I'm guessing you're a beginner? Get an Illinois map and look for State forests, parks or Wildlife management areas that allow hunting. Check your phone book and call for those that allow hunting. Lots of recreational maps will show this. Any private land that has a high quantity of oaks will also work. Follow the nests. During the winter, look for trees with lumpy collections of ruddy colored leaves-oaks. Further, look for nests themselves. These usually indicate a high population. Depending on the area, hunt them differently. If you are in a high human traffic area, don't worry too much about your noise in the woods-just still hunt. Trying to hide it will just make them nervous. If you are in a low human traffic area (deep woods,etc) take a stand. Just sit at the base of a tree about 25-30 yds from a large collection of nests. Wait patiently enough and you should see some activity. I'm sure others on this board can give you plenty of advice. I'm not sure about Illinois seasons, but they're probably somewhere in the September-February area.
Good hunting.

March 5, 2001, 09:40 PM
Come to WI. Nicer terrain, pretty good DNR, etc.