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March 4, 2001, 10:09 AM
Hey, It's getting better!
If you saw my post a couple weeks ago, I got a new 11-87 Upland special and I thought it could be improved.
#1- crappy, lawyer-inspired, black-painted, locking, PC trigger.
I found a blued trigger assmbly (1100)new which will eliminate my biggest gripe with this SG.
#2- I found a nice 1100 buttstock I can modify per the wife's preference for a standard pistol grip type stock with a shorter length to fit the petite lady (keeping the original straight english-style stock as issued for me!).
So... we'll have a 20g, 23" vent barrel (remchoke) at a touch over 6 pounds. Nice blued finish incl the trigger assmbly. Nice walnut stock (I'll have to match the satin finish on the mod stock) new recoil pad. I may change the front sight bead later. Should be fast handling and easy carrying.
Total invested so far $80.
FWIW-I figured out the wife's problem with the straight english stock.
Her small hands have a harder time controlling the cant and the SG mounts inconsistantly and often twisted. The front (left) hand has to take a firmer grip and most of the control of the canting and pulling the stock in firm to the shoulder. With the standard style stock she can use the pistolgrip and right hand to assist the pull into the shoulder. (That, and the fact that she is used to her micro-lightning.)

Dave McC
March 4, 2001, 08:41 PM
Good for you, Kingcreek. Remember, besides length, drop, pitch, cast and toe out affect the fit.

And, I'd round off the toe of that recoil pad a bit....

March 4, 2001, 09:28 PM
I'll have to do a little fine-tuning to make it right for the wife. I like the fit as is and I'm going to try it out on some skeet when weather warms up and the range opens for the season.