View Full Version : Good/Bad Experiences with Chronographs?

March 4, 2001, 02:40 AM
I have a Shooting Chrony basic chronograph. I like it fairly well, and got it for only $65, but I'm thinking of getting another one (the Shooting Chrony mostly gets used for paintball - and its been shot a few times-not by me). Anyway, while it works okay, I have a few complaints about its design:

1) The sky screens(?) are easy to break and a pain to store and assemble. The rods are kind of a pain to assemble.

2) I can't read it easily from where I shoot (it has to go quite a ways in front of the shooting bench at my range to be in the sun). I know they make one with a remote readout/control, which would solve this.

3) My LED is sometimes very tough to read, although this may be a result of too many paintball hits.

4) I like the fact that it folds up, but the rods and sky screen part won't fit inside, or even easily into the box.

Anybody have a low to moderate cost Chronograph they really like? I've seen one advertised that has some sort of light for indoor/shade use - that would be nice.


March 4, 2001, 08:57 AM
Chrony makes "master" versions of all their chronys that has a remote head. This allows much easier reading and control of your device (also cheaper to repair if you accidently shoot the main box). I bought the "Master Beta" version for about 129.00 from Midway and have been pleased with it. As far as storage, I have been keeping mine in the original box with no problem and when it wears out I will buy the case that Chrony makes. BTW, they will take your old Chrony in trade towards the purchase of a new model.


Zak Smith
March 5, 2001, 10:45 PM
It doesn't matter how accurate an chronograph is, when you shoot it by accident. The better ones will just cost more to replace.

I have the ShootingChrony's "Master Beta" ( :rolleyes: ). It works well. The remote ("master") unit is very handy for shooting at public ranges.. you can read it and control it right from the bench.