View Full Version : Brilliant Kel-Tec P32 holster idea

March 3, 2001, 05:07 PM
Brilliant idea generated by user "Pussball" at KTOG. It is an Uncle Mikes #1 holster with the "hook flap" unstitched to fit an extra magazine. Thanks Pussball!!


Good Guy
March 4, 2001, 12:09 AM
Well, it looks neat but doesn't the extra mag interfere with the draw? It would appear so.

March 4, 2001, 01:11 AM
Yeah, I guess the draw ain't too smooth, huh? Well, your pick - 7+1 rounds/easy draw vs. 14+1 rounds/slow draw; both in your front jeans pocket. Desantis sells a similar holster for $26:


I pick Uncle Mike's #1 for $7.

Kentucky Rifle
March 6, 2001, 01:10 AM
I have an Uncle Mike's #1 that I usually carry my Beretta Jetfire in. I just tried to put my P-32 in the same holster. There is NO way my P-32 will fit as well as the one in the picture that you posted. Was there some other modification done?

Kentucky Rifle

March 6, 2001, 08:04 AM

Uncle Mike's #1 holsters are not built consistently. About half will fit a P32 and half will be too tight. I took mine to the store, and tried every one on the rack until I found one I liked. They do stretch a little, so make sure you get one that is a little snug. If yours is fairly new, you may want to try to exchange it.

March 6, 2001, 08:08 AM
Oh, by the way, I just used a "ripping" tool to unstitch along the top of the flap until the magazine fit, and then tied the two threads together. My wife is going to reinforce the corner on her sewing machine. You may also be able to get a shoe repair shop to restitch the holster for you (I heard they usually do this for a small fee).