View Full Version : Mystery Colt DA

March 1, 2001, 09:46 PM
There's an early Colt DA in a local museum. I'm trying to track down more info on it for the curator. The revolver is marked "Colt's Pt. F. A. Mfg. Co, Hartford CT USA"
"Colt 1868"
"Pat. No. Sept 19, 1871 Sept 15, 1874 Jan. 19, 1875"

If it's a Model 1877 DA, shouldn't it say so? If it isn't, how can it be a double action (which it clearly is). I didn't think Colt made a DA before 1877.

James K
March 1, 2001, 10:45 PM
Colt collectors have given names to many Colt guns and the names have come to be accepted but, in most cases, Colt either did not use those terms or, if it did, did not mark the guns that way.

Colt never marked the "Model 1877" with that marking, and AFAIK, never marked any gun "Colt 1868". The patent dates are right for the Model 1877, and that is probably what you have. I suspect "Colt 1868" is a misreading of the barrel marking "COLT D.A. .38"