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February 28, 2001, 12:22 AM
I have a Mossberg model 9200 that has black plastic stocks and is parkerized. It has a 18 1/2" riot barrel on it that is parkerized and has a modified choke. I have checked and this is NOT a jungle gun. It will accept 3" shells and I think it also has some slight internal variations to the gas system, don't know if the jungle guns were modified choke or not.

Anyway, I bought this gun used for home defense but I live out in the country so it mostly ends up collecting dust. Last year I started thinking about putting a rifled slug barrel on it so that I could use it as a deer hunting gun. Then this year I find out that Mossberg has discontinued the 9200 and no one is selling barrels for it anymore. I talked to the nice folks at the mossberg collectors assn and they told me that mossberg still has barrels, but they are selling first come first serve and right now I'm broke.

Would this gun make a good accurate slug gun? Does the fact that its an auto shotgun make it less accurate for shooting slugs than a pump? If it has acceptable accuracy is it better to get a rifled barrel with a scope mount attached or is it better to put a reciever mount on the gun? I would be shooting it with either a shotgun scope or a red dot sight on it. What about putting a reciever mounted scope or red dot on it and use the short modified choke barrel for shooting punkin balls? That would be an awesome treestand gun. If I get a rifled barrel for it I will be shooting sabot slugs in it.

Or should I just get a slug barrel for my model 500 and leave the gun as it is? It is a pretty cool little riot gun that shoots a load of #1 buckshot pretty damn far with that modified choke barrel. I can blow a flower pot away with it at 30 yards with just the bead on the front of the barrel and it feeds everything I've ever put in it and it has never malfunctioned (knock on wood).

Or should I just give up the ghost and quit trying to mess with a gun that I may never be able to get parts for again and sell the dang thing?

I'm asking y'all...What would you do if it were you?



Dave McC
February 28, 2001, 07:36 AM
You've got a lot of options, Chuck, let's take a look at them.

First, I doubt the model is a total dog. Mossies are good shotguns, if not up to 870 standards(G). And you like the thing,right? Keep it,and....

Most of my slug killed deer are hit under 50 yards. A simple bead sight will keep them in the vitals at that range if you do your part.It's likely that your auto will work fine w/o major expense and/or mods.

The first thing I'd do, t'were this mine, is to find out how well it would shoot the most accurate slug. Since it's a smoothbore, the Forster type slugs and the various Brennekes are probably going to do better than the sabots. BTW, while sabots can be wonderfully accurate, I note the blood trails are longer than with the full bore diameter projectiles.

Buyamessa those 5 packs and benchtest them. Go with whatever shoots tightest. If two shoot equally well, go with the one closest to POA.If nothing shoots well,(unlikely but possible) have the gun checked by a good smith.

If you do decide to upgrade the sights, I use a peep sight and recommend same.Even low power scopes in close range encounters and short time frames can be handicaps, not aids.

As a standard, my peep sighted 870s with favored slugs will put them into under 5" @ 100 yards from the bench, quite adequate for eastern style hunting.

March 1, 2001, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the post Dave McC. I have a couple of hundred remington sluggers (forstner), I will check some of those out in that riot barrel to see where it shoots. I have been using those BRI sabot slugs from winchester for the last couple of hunting seasons in a smooth cylinder bore shotgun and have been very impressed with them. In a smoothbore I've made 75 yard hits with them (although most were closer)and I've never had a blood trail to follow because every deer I've shot with one hits the dirt right on the spot. And they don't mess up as much meat as a high powered rifle.

I will probably hang on to the 9200 and keep using it for a HD gun, with occasional trips to the treestand with it. I'll just get a rifled barrel for my model 500 and use it more than likely.

Thanks again,


Dave McC
March 2, 2001, 06:38 AM
Out of 15 to 20 slug harvested deer in my past that I can clearly recall, maybe 3 were DRT. I'm a bit surprised to hear anyone is getting 100% immediate stops.

Also, I hope those Remingtons work for you, but chances are another slug will group tighter, simply by the law of averages. If the Rems do work, great. If not, I suggest the Winchester 1 oz HP Forsters, the Federal equivalent, and both Rottweil and KO Brennekes. One of them will give better accuracy,and there's no ineffective 12 ga loads....