View Full Version : new site for my pages,new 22 forum

old hawk
February 26, 2001, 09:48 AM
sorry to post but after a recent flame job when i asked if theyre was a browning 22 only board i decided to hunt one down,no luck for a month so i just recently made one just for buckmark and challenger shooters and older browning 22's for theyre owners to yak about them specifically,many thanx to all who have used my gunny pages and i apreciated the emails and thanx.i had to change sites from loss of web space, the new one is 100 megs ,the new main web site is now at http://members.fortunecity.com/oldvalkyry/index.html to get to the winchester 94,cz52,1903-a3,8701911-a1 pages and soon theyre will be 2 more on the ruger mk1 and the browning buckmark as well so some owners can log on and fix,modify and generally know how to take them down for cleaning
.here is the new forum on 22 brownings.
http://network54.com/Forum/105003 again thanx to all for the mails and support and keep shooting those 870 rem's, im pikking up a 20 gauge 870 for mamasan soon so dont tell her,its a s'prize!..................... many thanx all,old hawk