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February 25, 2001, 08:17 PM
About a year ago I purchased a used Marlin 39A for $189.00 from a private seller. The rifle is in fantastic shape and looks brand new. The blued finish has only rubbed off a little around where the lever pivots into the receiver. Otherwise the finish is complete with no rust. It is fun to shoot and looks like a keeper to pass on down the family line.

Now for the question. Does anyone know when this gun was made and roughly how many. The serial # is 1826XXXX with the markings "Original Golden 39A", stamping with "(JM)" and somthing that looks like a horseshoe or omega symbol (stamped) that is exposed when the hammer is pulled back. It also does not have a saftey, only the half-cock.


Harley Nolden
February 26, 2001, 04:03 PM
Miles Teg:
According to my records, the model 39A in an improved version of the Model 39. It has a heavcier, tapered roundbarrel and semi-beavertial forearm with a designed pisto grip stock. I am assuming that the trigger is gold plate of course.

The model Gold 39A was made from 1954-1963 and from what you describe the value would be around $400.00


February 26, 2001, 05:34 PM

Thanks for the information. Everthing you mentioned matches my 39A with the exception of the gold plated trigger. The trigger is blued. Is it possible it was made that way or is it more likely it was replaced?

Thanks again,

Doc Hudson
February 27, 2001, 02:55 AM

Are you sure about those dates of manufacture?

I bought a Golden M-39A new in the box from a dealer in 1978. I paid $125.00 for it.

Today I wouldn't sell if for $500.00.

Doc Hudson

Harley Nolden
February 27, 2001, 08:03 AM
Doc Hudson:
There was also a 39A Golden, which is similar to the 39A with a gold plated trigger mfg'd between 1960 and 1983. So your purchase is the later model.

The key word here is the word "Golden" stamped on the rifle. This would indicate that the M39A was mfg'd during both mfg years as indicated. I don't have the serial number designation by Marlin so I cannot provide the DMY.

Miles: It would indicate to me, with the blued trigger, that you are possibly correct in assuming that the trigger may have been replaced.

Thinking about the present condition of the rifle one may also consider that the blued trigger may have been a mfg error.


February 27, 2001, 11:15 AM
information fromMarlin Firearms; A History of the Guns and the Company That Made Them by William Brophy.
Can't get to a specific date as there is no serial number list but the gold-plated trigger was discontinued in 1982. Sling swivels were discontinued in 1983. In 1984 the 2,000,000th Model 39 was mfg'd (I believe you have an extra x in your number. In 1985 gold triggers were again reinstated. So that would put yours between 1982 and 1984.

If you're interested in Marlin firearms, the Brophy book is great!