View Full Version : Fiocchi shells?

Dave McC
February 25, 2001, 09:12 AM
Went to a different trap range yesterday to try out my new trap gun. In the clubhouse, they were advertising various ammo specials, including these Fiocchi shells. They're 3 dram, 1 1/8 oz, size 8 shot. An inquiry to the staff got me an answer that they worked fine, just weren't easily reloadable. Components were hard to find, and the cases were good for 1 or 2 reloads only.

At $40/case,including tax,it's a deal. More expensive than reloading, but I don't reload anything anymore, and never did reload shotshells. A neighbor says he will load my empty AAs, but he's working out of town frequently and I hate to impose....

Anyone here have experience with these?


February 26, 2001, 01:17 PM
I have no experience reloading them, but they seem to work just fine for me. best of luck

Dave McC
February 26, 2001, 01:25 PM
Thanks, Chang. I may pick up a case....

February 26, 2001, 04:27 PM
but have shot Fiocchi shells occasionally. They are consistent quality, and have pretty high antimony content. For $40 a flat, I'd load up on them.

I particularly like the White Rhinos.