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February 19, 2001, 10:46 PM
I would like to get an easy to carry, (compact), light that will floor-at least cause retinal spots, for under $100. I don't want a sure fire because of the rear mounted button. It must have the following features:

1) Good for ITWB all time carry, so must be small.

2) Side mounted momentary button that can also stay on all of the time if clicked down further.

3) Bright enough to be effective at some level of deturance just from the beam at close range.

4) Under $100. Might consider something exceptional if close price.

What I use now fits most of these criteria, except compact. However it conceals well for being so long because its slim and needs no holster. It just slides ITWB and is held in place by lens.

Its the Energizer Double Barrel....the 8 AA cell model. I use rechargables so its REALLY inexpensive. I use the bulb thats made for the 6 AA model since its brighter when run at 3 (2 & 1/2 actual w/NiCd) volts more. Bulbs cheap as it gets for a Xenon/hal.....less than $5. Adjustable beam thats cleaner than streamlight.
It doubles as a short batton very well. Best light in its class IMHO.

The other one is similar to one model of streamlight and is made by Underwater Kinetics. Its xenon too and runs on 4 AA bateries. Brightest thing I've seen in its size. Bulbs $10. Only problem is that it has no side momentary switch and want something a little brighter if its available.

Any ideas?

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February 19, 2001, 11:02 PM
Good luck...

Not that I have an extensive knowledge or anything, but I personally do not know of any reliable small light for the purpose of CCW that will have that momentary click thingy. I can tell you that Surefire does have some VERY reliable lights for under $100 that have a button in the back w/ an adjustable pressure by twisting the top. Either that or you can just make a quick twist and the light will stay on. You should check out the Surefire 8 sizes (about the size of Streamlight Stingers). Theres one in steel (over $100) and there's one in polymer (last I checked under $100). They're also both rechargeable so you don't have to deal with the pain of buying new batteries. If you want to do the whole battery thing and go for the smaller sizes then knock yourself out.

Here's a few places to check out for equipment in general




I hope this helps you.

February 20, 2001, 05:22 AM
Just to let you know, that SureFire doesn't use steel, but Aluminium.
The Millennium Series atleast use T8.

The Polymer is Nitrolon which contains Teflon which help with self lubrication by maintaining the excellent threads which SureFire flashlights have.

The 8NX (polymer) and the 8AX (Aluminium) are the same flashlight using different body materials.

I'm not certain why you don't like the TailCap switch, but the reason there are no or few if any reliable alternatives is because the TailCap switch like SureFire's is so simple and there's nothing really to go wrong with the SureFire "Z41" LockOut TailCap.

Not SureFire quality by any means, but;
Have you considered trying the 4AA Pelican StealthLite with Lithium AAs? Or any of the other 4AA "DiveLights"?


February 20, 2001, 11:50 PM
Size 15s,

I've looked at a couple of other similar 4AA lights and they all looked like the same thing, although the UK seemed to have a better lens than one of them. None that I can find have the side mounted momentary switch. I like the side switch because it allows a better grasp on my pistol for two hands and also points well in sword grip and saber grip. I never tried the lithium AAs. Do they put out more volts than the alkalines?

Thanks for the links, Rock. The Pelican seems like a winner, except if I remember it has a side slide switch rather than a momentary. The SF 9N seems great light wise except the tail cap switch and lens are way too much.

I wish I could turbo charge the Double barrel 4 AAA. Its perfect. Or cross it w/a 9N.

Thanks guys.

February 21, 2001, 02:08 PM
The best place to go for flashlights is;
There are guys there that will have ways to "supercharge" your Energizer 4AAA. I don't know, but there maybe "super" lamps you can install for it... If Energizer make Lithium AAAs, these will definitely boost the light output.

Lithium Batteries have slightly higher voltage, and keep their charge for long. Maximising useful bright light output for longer runtimes. The downside to this is shortened Lamp life.

"The SF 9N seems great light wise except the tail cap switch and lens are way too much."

What do you mean by "lens are way too much"?
I still don't get how you grip your flashlight and gun... I suppose whatever helps you use your firearm more safely, and therefore I'm willing to help.


February 21, 2001, 07:14 PM
It would seem to fit your requirements. It's about the size of the Surefire '9' series, with a side-button on the head of the light. They make it in a hard-anodized aluminum, or with a plastic body. AFAIK, it is only available as a rechargeable.

February 22, 2001, 07:18 PM

About the answer to your question of the lens, I should have said "lamp assembly", "9N Replacement Lamp $36.00" at Botach. Guess I'm looking for something that can double for both tac light and daily use outside the home. I figure that I'll go through the lamps pretty quick using it so much. Just want to have it when I need it. For instance, after church dismisses in the evening, (yea, I go to church more than Sun morn), I have to lead my sweetheart through a congested unlit parking lot and down a narrow unlit road where people sometimes fly. Last night a guy drove the edge of the road past us and skided to a hault as a car pulled out in front of him and he peeled out again. BTW, did Nick start that forum "candlepower.com"? I suggested it to him a while back and he asked if I could give him some ideas for topics. Glad to see it up and running! Thanks a lot for letting me know about it. I'll check into the lithiums for the mini Double barrel.


That Ultrastinger that they were talking about on the forum I just refered to sounds like something worth checking out. It has many of the features that I'm looking for.

BTW, Yesterday the little lady to be told me of a drunk that came by pounding on her door at 3am. She couldn't get hold of her folks on the phone that live right up the street. She didn't call me because I live over an hour away and thought it would be over by the time I got there. She calls 911 and over a half an hour later they come to the rescue to find him passed out on her porch. BTW, she lives out in the country and this is not typical occurance. Its been a while since I gave her much instruction/training on such matters. Now she has a 12ga by her bed and will also have to get a bright light for her and a refresher course.

Thanks to all for the recommendations!

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February 22, 2001, 07:54 PM
Now it makes more sense!

The SureFire Lamp Modules are more robust after a huge amount of work done by SureFire over the last year or so.
I'd say that whilst it's always good to have backups, I wouldn't expect you'll go through more than two Lamp Modules over a year of intensive use. I don't expect you mistreat your tools. SureFires are designed and built to be used, and the Millennium Series is designed to take Hell's beatings and keep on shining.

I realise you're after a rechargeable flashlight with a non-tailcap swtich. This "new" UltraStinger looks cool. I hope it's what you need.

http://www.CandlePowerForums.com is run by a guy using the "DavidW" tag. I've never heard about anyone called Nick running a flashlight forum...

This is a thread about the UltraStinger:

I still need convincing about it's output compared to the SL35X and SureFires.


February 22, 2001, 09:41 PM
I still might get it if its brighter than the surefires. The switch is where I like it, albeit its on a cylandrical raised surface, rather than a oval surface, (which is what makes the Double Barrels so quick and easy to access with pinky or thumb depending on grip.) I wish I knew the exact dimensions. It seems like the diameter and length are still a little big for IWB carry. The lens diameter might be too much too. Oh well....

One thing that seems strange is how they could get so much more light out of this 6 volt xenon light over the 12 volt Double Barrel. I understand that the reflector might be better, but THAT MUCH? I assume its brighter than the DB thats stuffed into my waistband because nobody talks about the energizer DBs. Maybe the bipin bulb for the Ultrastinger will fit my DB and see how long it lasts and how much output.

From what you say about the Sure fires, the "lamp modules", (my better half would have said "thingy"), hold up very well. I'd probably get one if I used the Harries method.

I'll have to check into the CP forums, Size15s.

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February 22, 2001, 09:49 PM
The voltage output is based on AA batteries. 8 of them. Can't say what the amps are. Maybe thats the key to the difference between the expensive recharger that comes with the US and the cheap AA NiCds that I have for my DB?

February 22, 2001, 09:57 PM
I'm not the expert by any means. You're right to check out CPF.

I take Candle Power rating with a huge barrel of salt. I mean - really.

The guys at CPF will be happy to help you.

BTW: One of the advantages of SureFire is the very small size and light-wieght. It's got to be factored in with the light output, runtime, cost and in this case, switch type.

If you were to carry the SureFire M2 with P61 - it's so small, and the output is amazing. Runtime suffers, but you've got light when you need it most...


February 25, 2001, 09:02 PM
They couldn't tell me much about the Ultra Stinger, but this is what they did tell me:

1) The bulb is NOT a bipin (even though the specs at the site say it is.)

2) The bulb is under $8 sug. retail.

3) It is Not being produced yet. Maybe 10 weeks it will get under way.

4) The sales lady said it is brighter than any flashlight of any make that she's ever tried.

I wish I knew what diameter the lens housing was. This would tell me if its practicle for IWB carry, like the DB. I've been told that the Stinger is 1 1/8" diameter of the barrel, and I "think" its supposed to be the same for the Ultra, just longer and with a different thingy, I mean lamp module housing ;).

Now if I can just turbo charge the little DB 4AAA, I'll have all of my lighting needs. haha

Best regards,


February 26, 2001, 06:32 AM
I wonder which flashlights she's tried...

IMHO, the whole point of the UltraStinger is to copy SureFire "TurboHead Extended Range" Flashlights. The Reflector is StreamLight's "UltraHead". The runtime is 45 minutes less, it's 2.2oz heavier and over an inch longer...


I don't see how this can add up:

The difference between the Super & Ultra are the Reflector and the lamp. The Reflector looks like atleast about 2" in diameter. This would acount for some increase in CP, but the 60,000CP increase? - the larger diameter reflector is better at focusing. Also playing a role is the lamp.

Super: 6.3V 6W
Ultra: 6V 10W

These compared to the SL35X with 6V 20W lamp producing 40,000CP. And the lady says the Ultra is brighter?

I'd really like to see beam comparision photos...


February 26, 2001, 03:16 PM
Me too. I don't have the models that you've mentioned as a point of reference with which to compare the models. However, I wish someone at Streamlight knew which bulb or had one available to hook up to my Double barrel. I'd have to rig it up temporarily since they now claim to not use a bipin bulb like it says in their spec sheet at the site. At least it would give me an idea of how bright it would be. 6 Or 8 AA cells would be more than a fair comparison I would think. While carrying the 8 cell DB, which is the best baton light available on its own, it might even be more comfortable considering the width of the barrel is slimmer than the diameter of the round Streamlights.

The price and rechargability of the Ultrastinger make it attractive IF it is as bright as claims. Still wouldn't conceal well I'd guess. Hope someone will post a beam comparison too.

Best regards,