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February 17, 2001, 09:20 PM
I'm thinking of getting the Surefire Model 6Z but the comparable model by Streamlight cost about half as much. Anyone care to share you're opinions on how comparable they are, esp. about its brightness and ease of use with a pistol?

Price isn't a factor really, but it would be nice to save the money for ammo instead.:)

George Hill
February 17, 2001, 09:42 PM
I have a Streamlight thats rechargeable. I have had it since 1996 and its still working with the original bulb. I spent 80 bucks on it and I estimate that it has paid for its self so many times over that I'm about a 2 Glocks ahead.
Seriously retinal burning bright - focusable - light - compact - and dependable.

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Double Naught Spy
February 17, 2001, 10:38 PM
Ian11, do a search when the search function starts working again. This has been discussed at length, almost comparable to the 9 mm versus .45 discussions. Both camps have their personal preferences that are legit and both camps have preferences that are not so legit. In regard to light output, both lights are comparable, afterall, they are using the same amount of power and comparable types of bulbs. The scorpian has the advantage of coming with a spare bulb, plus having a slightly adjustable beam. The Surefire has a fixed focus beam that is about as good as you can get. As such, there are no real imperfections in the beam illumination. You can get the Scorpion to focus almost that good, but if you try for a wide focus, then you see imperfections in the beam. Surefire does not come with a spare bulb. In fact, you have to buy a spare bulb and reflector because the bulb comes fixed to the reflector, hence the fixed focus. Surefire bulbs cost around $15, but Scorpion replacement bulbs are only $5.

There are more accessories out there for the Surefire than for the Scorpion.

I own the larger 9z and several Scorpions. I like the switch on the Scorpion better. Both have pressure switches, but the Scorpion can be made to stay on by clicking the switch. For the Surefire, you have to actually rotate the butt that essentially screws down the contact into place, making the light stay on.

Dollar for dollar, the Scorpion is the better way to go. It is simply a better value and I think it is a handier light. If you decide to go with Surefire, you might consider the 6p which is as much as $10-15 cheaper than the 6z. The light output is the same, just a different housing setup.

Hey, if price isn't a factor, then buy two of the Scorpions instead of one Surefire. I promise you will find uses for them. Or, you can just hold one back in reserve (the batteries last 10 years stored) until you lose or irreparable damage the first one. I understand from a friend that getting one slammed in the door of a big GMC truck can result in such damage.

February 17, 2001, 10:41 PM

Do a search here with keywords "streamlight" and "surefire". You'll find a ton of threads.

Surefire 6z: A superior light according to most. Grip allows either Harris or Rogers technique. Fixed beam with light power measured in lumens. About $60 to $70.

Streamlight Scorpion: An excellent choice as well for only $30 to $40. Adjustable beam with light power measured in candlepower. Replacement bulbs are cheaper.

From the posts I've read, the Surefire might have an advantage in terms of brilliance, but it's not by much. I bought the Surefire first because I caught it on sale and got a good price. However, I've just ordered a Scorpion for my vehicle, and I plan to compare the two lights side by side.

February 17, 2001, 11:18 PM
Heck, Streamlight seems the way to go especially when you can get 2 for 1 Surefire. Thanks all.

February 18, 2001, 08:58 AM
Check out this thread from GT and Andy Stanford:

February 19, 2001, 12:24 PM
You may also want to check out the new Sure Fire G2, they sell for about $45. It is the same as the 6P but made of polymer for reduced cost and weight. I have one and it is a good light. However, I still find myself carrying my $30 Scorpion more often.

February 19, 2001, 05:40 PM
I've tried to outline the new flashlights from SureFire.
There are lots of new flashlights coming out this year: [call SureFire for the definitive information]

The E2 is the smallest 6V SureFire flashlight ever. It's ultra-slim and light, still offering the outstanding beam quality only SureFire provides. It comes in Hard Anodised or gun metal.

The G2 is a polymer version of the Classic 6P. It's light, very tough and a great price for a flashlight you can put a P61 in and get an awesome beam from. It comes in black, OD green and bright Yellow.

The 6P has been upgraded to feature a LockOut TailCap and anti-roll Bezel. It comes in black or gun metal.

The "D Series" D2/D3 are straight-bodied with PocketClip, anti-roll Bezel and LockOut TailCap. In both black or gun metal.

The "Z Series" Z2/Z3 are the new version of the Classic 6Z/9Z. The differences are the LockOut TailCap and anti-roll Bezel. They still come in black with Lanyard and adjustible CombatGrip.

The "C Series" C2/C3 feature a CombatGrip and PocketClip. They have the LockOut TailCap, Anti-roll Bezel, and come in black or Hard Anodised.

The Millennium "M Series" M2/M3 both are Mil.III Hard Anodised, with CombatGrip, LockOut TailCap and Shock Absorbing System Bezel with Pyrex Lens.
The M2 comes with a PocketClip and anti-roll Bezel feature, while the M3 comes with a Lanyard.
Both Millennium Series flashlights come with the standard and high intensity Lamp Modules.
The M3 uses MN10/MN11 "Millennium" Lamp Modules which have higher output and longer runtimes than the P90/P91 for the 9P/D3/C3/Z3.
The M2 comes with both the P60 & P61 Lamp Modules.
Also coming soon in the Millennium Series are the M3T and M4 to join the M6 as Millennium TurboHead flashlights.

There are new rechargeable flashlights. From the RG2 through the 8AX, 8NX & 9AN; to the revolutionary 10X "Dominator".

For me, the "CombatGrip" makes the SureFire Flashlights so much easier to handle. It allows you various grip options and better grip when wearing gloves etc.

Personally, I will always go for the Hard Anodised Millennium Series. The Shock Absorbing System on the new M2 works means you'll have to break the flashlight before the Lamp Module goes. I consider the LockOut TailCaps to be vital. It's simple, reliable and silent.

I hope my information is helpful. I've checked it with the 2001 SureFire Catelog, but I may have made the odd typo.
Visit http://www.SureFire.com or call them to learn more.