View Full Version : FLASH TRAFFIC-NEW 30rd Bulgie Waffles in .223 or 7.62 for 11.99!!

February 17, 2001, 12:51 AM
I just downloaded the latest CDNN catalog from their website and they are offering either .223 or 7.62x39 30rd. Bulgarian Waffle mags for 11.99 each! You won't find them listed on their website, but they are on page 32 of the downloadable CDNN catalog. Go to their main page, http://www.cdnninvestments.com and click on "download our latest catalog 2001-1", on page 32 you'll find them listed in the bottom left hand corner! This is a barn buster deal! Get em' while they gottem'

ROCK-n-GLOCK aka Bill

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