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February 12, 2001, 06:06 PM
Have a chance to purchase a commercial Mauser, suspect it is an Oberndorf type "M" (?).

Marked "Mauser Werke, Oberndorf" on left side of receiver, knurling on the front receiver ring. Original calibre was 7x57 with 18.5 inch barrel, thumb-cut on left side of receiver and front area of rear bridge has cut for stripper clip (?). Bolt handle is "butterknife" style, bolt movement is slick and the smoothest i've ever felt. No magazine cutoff. Magazine releases by a lever about 1" long on the base of the magazine.

Full-stock "Mannlicher" style. Stock looks like maple (vertical tiger-strip figuring, yellowed a bit with good patina - overall very nice wood), drop at heel about 1.5", has pistol grip and cheek-piece, checkering on grip and fore-end. Smooth steel buttplate.

Flip-up express style sight mounted on barrel, two leaves that fold in opposite directions like a butterfly. Pyramid shaped fron sight, with protective "wings". May not be original sights.

Passed down to current owner about 1946, he rebarrelled to .308 Win about 1966, wood and metal was obviously refinished at that time.

I guess it's lost any collector value due to rebarrel, but was interested in it as a shooter. I know that the .308 Win is hotter than the original 7x57 this was designed for. Could I load down to .300 Savage levels and be ok ?

Price started at $1000, we are at $650 now.

Good price ? Any info would be appreciated !


Paul B.
February 13, 2001, 03:47 PM
Ric. Too bad it was rebarrelled. I saw an Oberndorf Model M in 7X57MM at the last gunshow. Price was $2500 firm. I'd have bought it if I'd had the $2500. For what it's worth, I'd jump on it at $650 or even quicker if the price goes down. I think the action is strong enough to withstand standard commercial .308 Win. pressures. I've got an Oberndorf mauser chambered to .35 Whelan that has given no problems with some pretty stiff reloads. Gun was built in 1935 and the original owner used Elmer Keith's loads with IMR-3031 that run about 4 to 5 grains heavier than current loading data. Gun is fine.
Paul B.

James K
February 13, 2001, 03:55 PM
Don't worry about the action strength. It is plenty strong for any reasonable .308 load.


February 14, 2001, 09:39 AM
Paul B. - thanks for the perspective, the rebarrel was bad news for the current owner, but good news for me as i wouldn't be able to afford it for $2500. The rifle saw a lot of use in Alaska according to the owner, but still has alot of life left.

Jim - thanks, i won't worry about having to load down.

I have a lot of time to decide as current owner is traveling for next the two months.

Forgot to add it has double-set triggers.


Paul B.
February 14, 2001, 03:54 PM
Ric. Double set triggers? Oh I'm drooling all over the place.
I have a Ruger Mod.77 in .308 Win. It is the International model with 18 inch barrel. Just so you don't worry overmuch about velocity loss due to the short barrel, I chronographed my pet load from the Ruger and compared it to a Winchester model 70 in .308 with 22 inch barrel. The ruger gave 2550 FPS with my pet load, and the Winchester gave 2610 FPS, a difference of only 60 FPS. The bullet was the 165 gr. Speer spitzer flat base. For what it's worth, I made thesecond longest shot of my hunting career with that load in the Ruger. About 250 yards. Bullet hit the deer in the chest as it faced me, and ended up against the right rear leg bone, breaking it. Weight retention was about 65 percent.
Be careful with those double set triggers though. They can get away from you if you're not careful, especially when your hands are cold.
Paul B.

February 14, 2001, 08:15 PM
Paul - I have a 18.5" barrel Model 7 in .308, so i'm not concerned about the short barrel. I don't know how much hunting i'll do with the Mauser if i get it, though. and since I've never shot a set trigger i'll obviously need to do some practicing with it before it goes afield !