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February 11, 2001, 05:23 PM
Hello. I was wondering what the price on this 'package' might be.

Its a Springfield M1 Garand. Looking at the Ser # and some online sources, it's suppose to be Feb of 1945. It was stored in an armory back east. Being an armory gun, this Garand fell pray to the disassembly, reassembly (so nothing is 'original' in that sence). Original barrel scratched brass on ejection, so new barrel put (as in new old factory barrel, 50's). Wood looks like it was refinished?, but long ago. Metal looks good, would rate 80%-85% and has flash hider (not sure if 'original') and green sling. Has a box, a bandoleer (spelling) and 40 8round clips.

It's been check out by a gunsmith, that's why a 'new' barrel was installed.

*WWII M1 Garand (1945)
*'new' barrel (old one still w/ it)...so 'extra' barrel
*comes w/ 40 clips
*80% finish on metal
*wood looks redone, but okay to good
*sling (not leather)..
*bandoleer (what the loaded clips stay on)

What would that package be worth.

February 11, 2001, 08:30 PM
Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I have a question. Where can I check the history online of a Garand that I have? Thanks

February 11, 2001, 09:40 PM

Well, here's the link to the site that listed serial numbers.


This one is the 'main' page of serial numbers. Look for the tab that says "M1 Serial Numbers".


This jouster site also has parts diagrams for military rifles. I just searched the internet under M1 Garand and looked at the hits.

OH, if you want to hunt w/ your Garand, they make some king of 5 round clip to use. Found it at http://www.m1garandrifle.com Look under accessories (if I recall) and its listed under item number G76a (1 for 4.00; 2 for 7.50; 10 for 30.00). Then there is G76b, which allows single round use. (9.00)

Found those in about an hour (total browsing). Enjoy.

February 11, 2001, 10:04 PM
Moving to Harley Nolden's Institute for Firearms Research. Here's the link to the forum.


February 12, 2001, 11:19 AM
What it's worth is impossible to say with out actually seeing it and doing some more research. I'm an amateur Garand collector, I go to a lot of gun shows and surf the web a bit, so I can give you some feed back on price ranges I see stuff sell for.

By bandoleer I assume you mean web cartridge belt. A WWII vintage cartridge belt in pristine condition is worth $100 - $250, these are highly collectable. In average condition $40 to $75. A post war belt or reproduction would sell in the $20 range. Bandoleers sell for around $1 to $2 if they have all the cardboard inserts. A WWII vintage bandoleer maybe $5 to $10, they're kinda rare since they were throw away items.

Garand clips in serviceable condition, no rust, are worth 25 - 50 cents apiece. A WWII web sling in any condition sells in the $10 to $30 range. A post war sling around $10 in like new condition.

A used Garand barrel of WWII vintage sells in the $75 to $250 range, prices vary widely and condition is not that important as these barrels are used by collectors to "restore" M1s to correct condition. A post war barrel would sell for $25 to $75 and condition would be very important as these barrels would be used for shooting.

You don't mention the stock, if the rifle has a WWII vintage stock that would add appreciably to it's value. Stocks alone can sell in the $100 to $300 range if they're in good condition and have clean & clear cartouages.

A military M1 flash suppressor is another highly collectable item. If original it would be worth $125 to $250. If it's a repro less than $75. If it's a commercial compensator then $20.

A rebarrled/restocked rack-grade M1 sells in the $500 to $650 range. These prices would easily be doubled if all the parts, including the stock, are correct.

If you do buy this rifle and end up with a pile of extra parts you might consider selling them on eBay. If you got top dollar for a vintage cartridge belt, barrel, and flash suppressor you could very likely pay for your M1 and come out money ahead. -- Kernel