View Full Version : Opinion about KleenBore AllGun cleaning kit?

February 11, 2001, 08:53 AM
Looks like we have sales in Switzerland, where Kleenbore supplies were
20% off the marked price, which makes them more affordable, and I have
bought an AllGun cleaning kit. For 50 bucks, something that can be
easily carried and will clean every gun in my household. I'm
personally missing about 4 items:

1. a brass 'tooth-brush' brush to clean the internals of a gun better
(and the boltface)
2. real metal 'lance' type jags for all calibers, not just the
pull-through type)
3. a fourth cleaning rod segment for those really long rifle barrels.
4. A tool to clean .223 calibre rifle locking lugs (any suggestions on

A deluxe version would include a borelight and possibly a Ruger MkII
trigger spring remover. A bore snake that can be used to clean the
receiver of a Ruger MkII wouldn't be too bad either.

PS: Just for notice: The roll bag concept that kit uses has been
stolen from the Swiss Army. :)