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February 10, 2001, 11:52 PM
A friend of mine has an older Benelli that he has offered to me.

Like I said, it's a little older (say 15-20yrs??) and it has a TWO PIECE RECEIVER. It seems like I've heard that these are desireable..(?). Has extended tube mag, wood furnished, rifle-type sites, LNIB condition.

- I've heard these older, two piece receivered guns refered to as the "real Benellis" and the "good ones", etc. Is this true? Why?

- What is it called? Is it just an M1? Or is their some other name for this type?

- About what is it worth (ballpark)?

- What is a "Benelli button"? I understand it is an aftermarket addition which improves the ease of loading... Is this true? How? How available are they?

Thanks in advance for any help!

February 11, 2001, 08:35 AM
I believe he may have a Benelli M121. This was the precursor to the Super 90 series. The "assault" version was the 121 M1. It has an extended mag tube. Some have a sling swivel built into the stock ala M1 Carbine while some don't. These have come into the market in the last couple of years due to police tradeins. They are an excellent shotgun. I've had several people offer to buy mine when I take it out to play with it.

February 11, 2001, 02:08 PM
Thanks for the response!

I guess it is the "assault" version. Has the sling point built into the side of the stock and extended tube. Also matte finish.

Are they, in fact, better than the later Super 90's? Why?

Do you have any idea what one in new condition might be worth?

It sure feels nice!