February 9, 2001, 04:41 PM
Hello everyone,
We at SOE are intested in any questions or comments you may have about our gear or tactical gear in general.



May 6, 2002, 09:16 PM
Hi SOE Gear! Your stuff looks good and I plan to order some but haven't taken the plunge yet.

Do you plan to offer the open-top magpouches with kydex retention clips like Eagle and Blackhawk have done?

Mike Baugh
May 7, 2002, 10:27 PM
SOE, I recently purchased some of your gear and have been very impressed. I buy all my gear from Brad at Lightfighter, insert shameless plug here, and he told me how impressed he was with your gear.
So I purchased 2 of your Patrol mag pouches, a drop leg holster for a 1911 and have a handgun mag pouch on backorder. The quality is excellent, they are better built with more attention to detail than any nylon gear I have ever owned, and I have bought a LOT of nylon gear. Your holster fit my Springfield Operator perfectly.

If anyone is looking for nylon gear, do yourself a favor and look at gear built by SOE and sold by Lightfighter. You will not be dissapointed.


May 8, 2002, 01:25 AM
One quick question on the holster... does the thumb break strap get in the way of the hammer of your 1911? It looks like if the hammer was cocked, it'd get in the way of the strap, forcing you to carry hammer down.

And another in general - does the SOE camelbak pouch integrate with the standard issue LBV, or does it only work with SOE vests?

Mike Baugh
May 8, 2002, 06:41 AM
Foxy, the strap will will work with the weapon cocked and locked. This photo shows it with the strap in the same position as the last photo, you can adjust the angle of the strap for a better position if you like. There is also a second velcro safety strap that secures the thumbreak if you want to use it. Good luck, Mike...

May 8, 2002, 10:44 PM
What is your web address SOE?

May 9, 2002, 02:15 AM

May 12, 2002, 03:20 PM
I like your gear. I have a few suggestions though. Please don't be offended.

Warn customers that your vests don't work with Magpuls and G3 magazines. I would like the magazine pouches made large enough to accomodate the Magpuls. I know why you don't now. Why not add elastic to the mag pouches to keep mags w/o Magpuls secure and quiet?

Also, the area where the vest strap goes behind and across the neck needs some sort of padding. It digs into my neck uncomfortably. I had to add some pipe insulating foam to it.

Instead of so many pockets for pistol magazines. Make pockets that will fit Surefire type of lights and multitools. Something with a closed flap top for the pockets. I don't care for the fastex buckles on the small pistol magazine pockets. Isn't there a more one handed friendly closure device? Why not make some of the pistol magazine pockets modular?

Also, I would like the Camelbak carrier to be larger. It seems most folks use 100 oz. bladders. Why stick with the 70 oz. carrier size? The carrier doesn't seem to work well with a back pack. I would like the carrier to attach closer to the body instead of on straps. It slides around too much.

On Tactical Tailor products they sew on a flap of loop velco to the edge of their pouches. This allows one the option of using only the fastex buckles. I like this option. I know I can put my own loop velco on it, but its handier if it's already attached.

Are there any type of closure devices that are more one handed friendly besides fastex buckles?

I would like the vest's map pocket openings to be secured with a zipper or another type of closure. Velco is too noisy.

Why are your canteen pouches so tight? It's a PITA to pull them out with one hand, even after you break them in. Loosen them up please.

Include some instructions with your gear. It would help in figuring out what to do with the maze of straps and buckles.

Lastly, this isn't a specific criticism of SOE, but I would like all this tactical nylon gear to be more fireproof. I am worried about being in a fire and having my gear melt on my flesh.

Thanks for hearing me out.

May 23, 2002, 08:50 PM
SOE, any response to the posts?

May 23, 2002, 11:09 PM
How would you suggest they make a petroleum based product like nylon "fireproof"?:confused: If you will be going into a fire, you should be wearing turnouts, not nylon tactical gear.:rolleyes:

May 24, 2002, 01:47 PM
It wasn't a request of SOE per se. I was just thinking out loud.

I do think a some sort of fire resistant alternatives to the nylon should be developed condsidering the environments the stuff is used in. I am thinking of the dangers of Meth lab raids, aircraft accidents, etc.

May 24, 2002, 08:38 PM
The only way to do that is to use Nomex, and if you want a vest made of that, you are looking at a hefty price tag....

May 27, 2002, 02:20 AM
G3, things are not what they seem in this thread, IMO. Note that this thread was started well over a year ago, and got its first reply only a few days ago.