View Full Version : HK USP Recoil guide rod question?

May 17, 2000, 10:53 PM
My friend and I just back shooting my USP 9mm and when cleaning it. My USP 9 has a captured Recoil spring in on the rod, while my friends USP 9mm 's recoil spring is not captured. Did HK switch to a captured recoil guide rod (Mine was made after my friends) or is there something wrong? Any info is much appreciative?

May 17, 2000, 11:12 PM
Early models did not have a captured recoil rod, instead, they used the interior of the front of the slide to contain the recoil spring. Also, early models did not come with polygonal rifling - take a look at your friends barrel closely and see if there is the more conventional land and groove rifling. HTH,

May 17, 2000, 11:38 PM

Thank you, we checked and you are absolutely correct, there is rifled barrel not polygonal like mine. This is a great forum, fast and accurate responses. Again thank you!