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February 6, 2001, 02:49 AM
Hello all.

Well, for quite a while I have been a real advocate for the Tasco Optima 2000 on my 1911 style pistols. Over the last few months, I have had aboslutely NO luck with these sights. I think that I am ready to give up on them.

I mounted a Tasco on my Kimber .45 ACP, and when I put it on it was really great. I put it on myself, and had no problems mounting it or sighting it in. It was accurate, allowing me to put twenty rounds in a three inch cirle at 50 feet, if I used both hands.

I got several more, and finally tried to put one on a Premier II. I purchased one, along with the mount that Tasco recommended, and it just wouldn't adjust to point of impact. I couldn't bring the POA and POI together. I sent it back, or actually the shop I bought it from sent it back after three days of arguing with Tasco. The replacement sight that they sent wouldn't adjust correctly, either.

I took the Optima 2000 from another pistol, and mounted it on the Premier II. This adjusted correctly, and when I mounted the new sight on my Kimber, it would not adjust. Clearly this is a problem with the sight.

I think that Tasco refused to take back the second sight, which means the local guy I bought it from had to eat the cost. He did refund my money.

The Optima on my Kimber will not longer hold true. POI wanders off to the left, no matter what I try to do. I don't shoot hot loads in the Kimber, but I have shot about 10,000 to 12,000 target rounds through it since I put it on.

I'm not trying to black list Tasco or anything. I just am not at all satisfied with them, and I have been a big promoter of these sights in the past. I can't recommend them to anyone any longer. Had the company been better about supporting their sights, maybe I have been more willing to try again.

I currently have one that works perfectly on a Colt 9X23 Win. I have the one that I just took off the Kimber, which I will not be able to use. I tried the other two on the Premier II, and am now back to the factory sights.