View Full Version : Cleaning / Maintaining my Rem. 870HD?

February 6, 2001, 01:04 AM
I got a Rem 870 Home Defence model about two years ago. I added a 3 shot ext. tube, and put about 15 rds. though it. Unfortunately it's been "dry fired" about 15 times. I know better now. Anyway, while filing the little tab off for the ext. tube to be put in place, some filings got down into the mechanical area so I shot it out real well with some WD-40...shook it all out, and wiped everything down, then re lubed with Rem Oil. This was about a year ago, and hasn't been fired since. What would you all reccomend I do? How do I clean all the crap I sprayed in it, and lube it correctly? Sorry guys...I know gun safety, but not much about taking care of a shotgun. Pistols are a little different story. Thanks!!!

BTW, how badly did I hurt the 870 by dry firing it?

Dave McC
February 6, 2001, 08:14 AM
There's an Urban Legend that dry firing at 870 in very cold weather causes the firing pin to break, Never had it happen or talk directly with anyone who did.

Here's how I clean mine....

First, I make sure it's empty and then I check it again. I move out of any room with ammo in it and take it apart.

Since I want to keep my slug or buck zero, the bbl stays on most of the time. This means I can't do the bolt. I drop the trigger group by driving out the two receiver pins and hit it with a Gun Scrub type product, then shake it dry and relube lightly with a spray lube.

The bbl gets cleaned from the muzzle,with Hoppe's and lots of clean, soft patches, VERY carefully and the mag extension taken off,it and the tube done and re attached.The bbl gets lubed lightly.

After it all goes together, a wipe on,wipe off with oil leaves a really thin layer to protect the metal. Last item, the action bars get a drop of CLP right in front of the receiver and the action worked a few times.

Every thousand rounds/two years or so, I detail strip the weapon and do the bolt and so on meticulously.