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February 5, 2001, 08:44 AM
My dad was part of the vigorous armed resistance during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in WWII. As a 2nd LT. his side arm was a 6" (i think) Colt revolver which takes 45acp moonclips. Its priceless to me because of my father - (since passed away and honored to say is buried in Quantico Veterans Park in VA) but was wondering if it has any value for collectors.
Any help is as always apreciated.

Hard Ball
February 5, 2001, 11:26 AM
It is a Colt New Service revolver adapted to use the .45ACP cartridge during World War One. Both Smith&Wesson and Colt made these revolvers because there was a shortage of Colt .45 automatic pistiols for the Army in 1817 and 1918. It certainly has some collectors value, but what that would be depends on its condition.

February 5, 2001, 01:09 PM
Thanks Hardball. Its condition shall we say looks like its been through a war, which it has:) Its in excellent working condition but the tropics have not been kind to its finish. Havent seen it in years but i remember it to have black wood or horn grips, lanyard ring. I'm making some inquiries about how to legally transfer it stateside.

February 5, 2001, 02:02 PM
Gee, I hope you can figure out how to get this great keepsake over here.

I had one just like it, Grandpa Dan carried it in France during the First World War but it's still in the family, I've given it to my older son. They are great shooters, by the way.

My younger son got the 1911 that he also brought back :-)

And Grandpa Dan always said that he liked the revolver better than the 1911.


February 5, 2001, 04:48 PM
Im glad youve got your gramp's Owen. It will be tricky because it was never registered down there. During the martial law days - under the penalty of death - my dad did not surrender any of his firearms or declare it either. I recall him telling us that when they finally met up with the American liberation forces - he was offered a trunk load of thompson 45 smg's, BAR's and 1911's for it as an "upgrade" but he refused. Did serve him well against the Japanese.

James K
February 5, 2001, 06:54 PM
FWIW, both the Colt and the S&W revolvers in .45 ACP caliber were called the Revolver, Model 1917.


February 6, 2001, 07:43 AM
Thanks Jim

Hard Ball
February 7, 2001, 12:49 AM
I checked R.L. Wilson's book "C0lt-the American Legened.: Wilson says approximately 159,700 Colt 1917s were produced.

February 8, 2001, 03:54 PM
Thanks Hardball - by any chance would you know approximate values for this type of firearm?