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Byron Quick
February 3, 2001, 05:04 AM
Last week I took my latest toy to the range-a Remington 700 PSS .300 WinMag with Badger Ordnance .mounts and a Nightforce NXS 5.5X22 scope. The berm is at 150 yds so I set up my targets at 100yds. I was using Black Hills 190 grain molycoated ammo. After firing a few rounds and fiddling with fine tuning the scope, I fired a ten round string. Six grouped at the top of the one inch orange bullseye in a .6 inch group. The other four? That's what was humbling:) They were four to five inches from the bullseye in all directions. This rifle has a lot to teach me about breath control and trigger control. About the only fudge factor I can claim is the factory "lawyer" trigger setting which is fairly hefty. However, I will want to shoot the rifle some more before I address that issue as changing the trigger pull poundage voids the warranty.

February 3, 2001, 07:46 PM
I believe you are Spectre's buddy and he just has the same .300 Win Mag awaiting those darn high dollar optic's you both like, Ouch!!!
Being as the rifle is new and is probably not broken in don't be so humble just yet. Clean it and have another go, warm barrel, cold barrel, hot barrel...who knows when the 4 errant shots were fired. Slowly lighten the trigger until you are comfy and then about tighten it about 1/4 turn. Get a good bipod if you don't have one and go back to the range. Take Spectre and have him spot your every shot so you know which was which and you can think about what you did differnet or the same for each shot. Keep basic notes about the day, weather, shots, groups and compare them. Sort of like photography, you keep track of great pic's and what and how you took them so you could do it over and over. One day it will just all fall in place and be instinct. Trust me I am going to be working at it a while yet.