View Full Version : Walther PPK info needed.

January 30, 2001, 01:14 AM
Hey guys I bought a PPK today. I need some info on it.
The serial number is 430xxxK. The number on the slide and frame are the same. It has 2 identical markings on the slide and barrel on the right side of the gun. They appear to be deformed eagles. and there are letters also. "N" maybe it's hard to tell. I can't find any more markings on the gun. Thanks for any help.

January 30, 2001, 09:28 AM
Can't help you with an exact date as I don't have a serial number list. The "eagle over N" is a common proof mark for Walthers. There should be a set of markings on the left side of the slide - particularly, it should say "Carl Walther Waffenfabrik, Zella-Methis"

Given the approximate age, I'd suggest a new set of grips, the old ones are prone to cracking in the backstrap area. Hogue makes a nice set of wood grips, which is what I have on my pre-War PPK. The screw hole is a bit offset for pre-War and wartime PPKs, but fits perfectly for post-War models. A few minutes with a Dremel tool will fix that.

You can try the folks over at oldguns.net to see if they can find an exact year of production.

Ken Strayhorn
Hillsborough NC