View Full Version : Thompson prices (sob)

January 29, 2001, 06:16 PM
While cruising around gunsamerica.com, I thought I'd check on Auto Ordnance Thompson prices. I sold one about four years ago for $2200, including a Bridgeport 50 round drum.



January 30, 2001, 11:42 AM
You need to join the Gunny religion. We have one main creed: "Never Sell A Gun!". Buy them, oh yes. But never, ever sell one. You'll always regret it.


January 30, 2001, 06:45 PM
I'm a converted member of the Gunny Religion, and I have to agree wholeheartedly that it is the only way to live. I've seen the light..(= Haven't sold one yet, and by the grace of God, I never will.

January 30, 2001, 11:10 PM
Yeah, I know. I bought that 1928 in "a fit of passion," after the 1986 ban. Thinking about it after the purchase, I figured I'd paid too much. Full auto prices didn't go anywhere for years, and I started to get concerned about having a Class III weapon if they decided to really restrict "normal" guns. Had the Thompson advertised for maybe three years, and then a dealer approached me with a buyer. It seemed like a halfway decent price at the time.
I still wonder, though: what happened to cause Class III guns to take off after languishing for so long?


cuerno de chivo
January 31, 2001, 12:33 AM
"I still wonder, though: what happened to cause Class III guns to take off after languishing for so long?"

I think that all the semi-auto bans got people more interested in all 'military style' firearms.

I didn't personally own any guns until the bans came about.

February 26, 2001, 04:41 PM
In short, the internet and the booming stock market.
Before the net, it was very difficult to find guns for sale, and it really depended on what the individual dealer wanted to charge. There was no way to truly ascertain demand, as supply was really limited to waht was in ones own area. The climbing stock market made people think they had more disposable income and when people went looking for what nifty things they could buy, many found out about c3 weapons (through the net). Sites like subguns.com provide the forum to buy and sell, and thus market equilibrium is reached, much higher than it once was. Depending on wether we are in a minor slump right now, or a long term recession, we may see the price of C3's go down in the next few years.

Byron Quick
March 4, 2001, 10:08 AM
The only ways the price will go down is if 1) The demand goes WAY down (examine basic economics of the supply and demand curve) or if 2) the 1986 ban gets repealed. (It doesn't really need to get repealed. Not even an executive order is necessary. The way that law was written all that is necessary is for Bush to tell ATF to stop interpreting the law and start doing what is says.) Don't hold your breath. Thank God, I traded that Dan Wesson Pistol Pack twenty years ago. It taught me of the evils of selling guns and trading guns. I never will again unless the alternative is to sacrifice my first born.