View Full Version : 6x6 in Atlanta

January 21, 2001, 07:41 PM
Driving home this evening from taking my wife to the airport. I was on I-85 northbound between Indian Trail and Beaver Ruin exits (for non-atlantans, a developed area with patches of woods). Looked at an open spot off to the right and saw a doe and a large buck, at least a 6x6 standing there watching the cars go by! Wonder if bowhunting in an area like that is legal? I've never bowhunted, but that sure was a pretty rack!


Al Thompson
January 22, 2001, 08:03 AM
Amazing how deer adjust to urban lifestyles.

I live next to a state forest and had a great "graduate school education" delivered by a wise old buck that lived in my neighborhood. He had an impressive rack, but the neat thing was that his living room/bedroom were easy to monitor due to the terrain. Many days he would bed down in very close quarters to houses. For the several years that I watched him, only one other person in the area ever figured that he was there.

On another note, a couple of years ago I passed a good buck dead in the middle of I-20 in Conyers (east of Atlanta). Sad that he got hit by a car, but interesting that he was that close to a major area.