View Full Version : 1100 Special Field for Clays?

Cannon Cocker
January 21, 2001, 03:20 PM
I've been bitten by the clay bug. What I was wondering was if my 1100 Special Field would be an adequate gun. Seems that most trap/skeet/sporting clays guns have 30" barrels and the Special Field has a short 23" barrel. Will I be at a disadvantage? I would like to use the same shotgun I hunt with, but would not be opposed to getting a new gun if that's what it takes.

January 21, 2001, 05:06 PM
Are you going to shoot for fun or get competitive? The gun you have if you are comfortable with it will work just fine, clays shooting will improve your field shooting.

Here's a link from a competitive shooter you may want to look at:


A gun is not a disadvantage if you shoot it well.

Geoff Ross

Dave McC
January 21, 2001, 05:53 PM
What Geoff said.

Shoot it like that and have a blast. You may not hit quite as many as you would with a specialized and dedicated shotgun,but my guess is you'll do better in the field with flying game. And keeping your "Chops" the same will aid overall proficiency.

The main disadvantage I see is field guns get carried a lot and shot a little. Clay game guns are the obverse, and run heavier to help soak up the kick. So, the lightweight 1100 may kick a bit more than a standard one. I recommend going to the lightest load you can find or make until you get used to shooting 50-200 rounds a day.